Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My games of 2008

Everyone has their list of favorite things for 2008. Meh, here's mine.

* Professor Layton and the Curious Village (Nintendo DS)
This puzzle game (and we all know how much I love puzzle games) really held my attention. And with new puzzles being released on the DS wi-fi weekly, it's interest has held my attention since it came out.

* The World Ends With You (Nintendo DS)
I wasn't sure if I would like the dual screen combat system or the fact that you can change difficulty in the middle of the game. I wasn't even sure if I would like the button collecting/evolving system... but I did. A LOT. The story is VERY engrossing and it's a wild ride.

* Perplex City Series 2/Wave 2 (puzzle cards)
Yes, they finally released the boxes of finished cards for the second wave. And for a STEAL! Even with shipping from the UK I got them in plenty of time for a good price, and they are GOOD puzzles. See my list of completed cards here.

* Moshi Monsters (online game)
This is what the 'Perplex City' people went off to do. I have no clue how they're making money from this... but to each his own. It's a fun daily diversion and the puzzles are pretty fun. Worth looking into.

* Guitar Hero: World Tour (Wii)
Sorry... but I'm gonna keep bragging about this for a while.

* Animal Crossing (Wii)
Jen plays every day. EVERY DAY. Any game that sparks her interest is worth a look-see. If you ever get the game, let me know your friend code so we can get the mic and visit each other's towns.

* Twilight (book/movie)
I don't know what it is. The woman can't write well (terrible writer), and the movie, in my opinion, with all the hokey dialogue and situations, was better than the book... which isn't saying much. AT ALL! The main characters are morose and depressing and wholly un-interesting. So why can't I get it out of my head? JEEZ! She must put crack on the pages (small inside joke there).

Otherwise, 2008 was a pretty decent year. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.

Jen got on permanent at her job in Denver, I won the "Rock-Out" contest which prompted me to start doing video game reviews (next one up soon).

I got into magic (which I am proud to say that I'm getting better at, and joined the Society of American Magicians. I also attended the magic convention in Ft. Collins and had a great time. I played two birthday parties that went well, and it made me more confident in my magic. For Christmas my cousin Jimmy gave me the book that was his dad's first magic book. It meant a lot to me.

One of my oldest friends has announced his engagement to his wonderful long-time girlfriend. I couldn't be happier. They 'work' together... and that means a lot.

I got into Detective Conan, Abe's Oddysee, and LEGO (again!).

Now, 2008 hasn't been a bed of roses...

Some of you know, some may not... but come January 15th 2009, I am losing my job due to out-sourcing. But this just means that I can try to find something else that I can retire from. Call it a "new beginning".

But the (supposed) bad economy (all a figure of imagination if you ask me) also means that I will be competing with other people for said jobs. I can't say I'm not scared, because I am. I'm genuinely terrified. But by February 15th I am determined to be working somewhere. Anywhere. Taco Bell, if need be... but I will be working.

But people have been very supportive. I have THE BEST friends anyone could have, and I am lucky to have you all.

I hope that 2009 is good for all of you, and I look forward to enjoying your accomplishments this coming year too.

Stay safe and stay well.

I love you all.

Friday, December 19, 2008

New Video!


Episode 1.1
Quest of Ki

Monday, December 08, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rock Out With Infendo Contest

The contest is the "Rock-Out with Infendo" contest in which you are to send a video of you "rocking out" with (or without) your friends.

The prize is Guitar Hero: World Tour for the Wii. The BIG DELUXE $200 version!

The majority of the entries are probably going to be lads donning blonde wigs and bandannas sending in 30 seconds of them and their mates head banging to "Welcome To The Jungle" in ripped-up jeans and one boring out-of-focus-and-too-dark-to-see static camera angle.

So screw that... I'm doing a full rock video.

Take a look, rate my video, and leave a comment if you like. I'm hoping to win even though you aren't the judges. The contest ends Saturday the 6th and I'll find out next week.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Man, I hope this becomes a reality.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Animal CRACK-ing

Because it's crack. Crack on the Wii.

Jen is addicted
. I didn't expect it. I didn't know. She's a fishing fiend and writes letters to the town residents. We even keep in touch via letters through the town postal service.

I don't know what to do... because I'm becoming addicted again too. Oh, I kicked the habit with Animal Crossing Wild World... but I have since then re-visited my poor town, (twitch) picked all the weeds, written letters of apol-(twitch)(twitch)-ogy to the residents, and we're working on celebrating "Yay Day" this coming Sunday. (twitch) On the Wii, our lovely town is anticipating the Flea Market this weekend too. All the town is in a twitter (twitch)...

...wait. What's that on my game shelf? OH! It's the original Animal Crossing for the GameCube. I haven't played that in so (twitch)(twitch)(twitch) long. I wonder how that town is doing? Probably filled with weeds and most of the original residents have probably moved away. But it (twitch)(twitch) can be a good town again. Yes... a good town. Must make it a good town again!

[monotone] You should all buy this game. Come visit our town. We'll have illustrious minstrel K.K. Slider visiting Saturday at 8:00pm. Please. Come join us. Join us.
Join us.
Join us.
Join us.
Join us.
Join us.
Join us.
Join us.
Join us.

In all honesty though, it's a real fun game if like that sort of "world creator/Sims" game. And, unlike the Sims, Animal Crossing is going on even when the game is not being played and the power is off.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh Oh Oh... It's magic... you know...

So this Saturday I was asked to perform some magic at my friend Nancy's 20th Birthday party (she's the girlfriend of my good friend Eric). I came in expecting to do some strolling magic while people did other things... bada bing... 45 minutes later take off (did I mention that I was really sick that day and could barely talk without coughing my head off), but the party was quite dull when I got there.

So three beers and an two hours later I finish (barely any coughing and with only one mistake), and everyone's up and chatting and doing party things. I mean I really held their attention for a LONG time. And when I get some of the tricks I had REALLY have been wanting to perform, it'll be a stellar show.

I did a lot of mentalism and a few card tricks... but it was (as is per usual) the small tricks that "killed em". I did a bubble trick, and they really liked that one, and the mentalism book trick was a real winner too.

Afterwards, Eric took me aside and told me that he was really happy with the performance and that I did a great job. Nancy was talking all night about my illusions.

She also requested that next year I do a fire/money trick. She told me I have a year to practice.


On another note, I got ANIMAL CROSSING: CITY FOLK on Sunday and Jen played a bit after I did... and she's interested in playing it some more. That's cool. I also asked if she would be interested in doing a review with me this week and she agreed to that too. That's cool.

I'm still sick and STILL COUGHING but I am taking medication. And the medication makes my head not feel so stuffed up, but I am still hacking and coughing.


But I have my Animal Crossing.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks to you all

I'm very lucky to have friends like you who care. You are all the best.

Shuuki and I are doing more "Two Poor Sods" video game videos so watch for those here. If you haven't seen the ones we did, visit the Ludus Challenge YouTube site HERE.

Anyways, here's some good tunes from Gnarls Barkley

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I don't have much to say.

My mom just found out last night that she has uterus cancer and will need a hysterectomy in December.

This just as she's recovering from a second bout of breast cancer.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Postal Service

Indy rock. Not for everyone, but I like it.

It's different. That's good. I'm tired of cookie-cutter music.

The same guy who is the singer in the band "Death Cab For Cutie" is the singer here too. In fact, I like "Death Cab For Cutie" too. I'll put a video/song at the end here too.

The videos aren't so important as is the music. So feel free to play them and go about your business while it plays.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just a few words about someone other than me

Ok, I just felt like writing this while it's still in my head.

I have the most wonderful wife in he world. I don't know what I did in my life to deserve someone like her. It must have been in another life because I'm truly blessed. I have never known someone as selfless as her. She puts me as her #1 priority for some odd reason, and I really shouldn't be... but she just cares that much.

She's hard working, smart (well, brilliant actually), beautiful, honest (as the day is long), and modest. She's also really funny when you least expect it. When she loves, it's unconditionally.

I completely don't deserve her. I have known her since she was 17, and she has loved me ever since. I mean, can you imagine seeing someone and knowing that you were going to marry them? Even when I dated other girls, she always held out. When I went to Florida to be with someone... she always had hope.

And ever since I came back, she has made me feel like I'm someone special. She is amazing.

We have small quarrels. I don't think we have actually fought in quite some time. I think that's a part of marriage... to know how your partner works and to understand their ways. She accepts me when I'm an ass and when I'm not. She really wants to make our marriage work, and I do too. Because of her.

I can only hope that I can give her the love and affection she deserves. She's really one of a kind and those of you who know her (well, I'm assuming if you know me then you know her) know how she is.

I mean, I could tell her that I wanted to become a pro-wrestler and she would support me. And I wish that were a joke... but it's not. It's funny... but very true.

Sometimes I wish I could empathize with television and TV shows that show the husband being oppressed by his dominant wife. But it just won't ever happen. She lets me game with friends, she lets me have space when I desire it, she takes care of all of our finances... and she asks for nothing in return except for my love.

How did I luck out?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Music is your soul

Was reading "High Fidelity" (the book) and was amazed at how close to the book they made the movie.

Anyways, hasn't been a while since I posted "favorite" things... and since that's what they do in High Fidelity...

Top 5 Favorite Albums (in no particular order)
1) These are albums you can listen to front to back
2) They must be albums you have been listening to for at least 3 years.
3) These are not just good albums that you love, but albums that you come back to over and over and over again.
4) These are albums that are a part of you. That tell a story about a part of your life.

* AJA - Steely Dan
* Strange Angels - Laurie Anderson
* Homogenic - Bjork
* God Shuffled His Feet - Crash Test Dummies

What are yours? Share.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's a nut...

Yeah. This actually went out on TVs across America.

Someone should have done something to let SONY know that it sucked. WATCH THIS MOVIE! And put those headphones on... it's not kid-friendly.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

November 4, 2008

So this is how I voted. I put a short bit about what the bill was about... or what I thought about the bill and why I voted that way.

If you have a question or would like to ask why I voted a specific way, feel free to post here.

All my voting was done ignoring the ads on TV and done from my own research. I am currently a registered Republican (soon to be registered Independent) and so I could care less about 'Republicans' or 'Democrats' as I vote for the best person and not with a 'party'.

I will [u]never[/u] (however) vote "Green" and I plan on making the biggest "carbon footprint" I can until this term is out of fashion to use. Eff-off to all you "greenies".

47, 49, and 54 were lumped together in a big push "against"... but I think (having worked for many unions in my time) that 47 SHOULD be passed. I hated paying Union fees and having them breathing down my neck as to how "well" I was performing... "slow down... you make everyone else look bad" kinda thing... which WAS said to me twice.


President - Obama
Senator - Udall
Congress - Bidlack
District 10 - Whitley
District 16 - Flores
Dist. Atty. - May
All Judges - No (I always vote 'no' on all the Judges)

46 - No (Discrimination)
47 - Yes (people shouldn't be FORCED into Unions)
48 - No (People are not people at conception. Puh-lease! They are a mass of cells.)
49 - No (Payroll deductions)
50 - No (gambling)
51 - No (Tax increase... no)
52 - No
53 - No (Businesses can choose for themselves thank you very much!)
54 - No (Campaign Contributions)
55 - Yes (Cause to fire someone)
56 - No (health care... once again, these are big people)
57 - No (safe workplace... SHEESH!)
58 - No (tax increase)
59 - No (government power)
L - No (people should have some time under their belts... so no to lowering ages to 21)
M - Yes (Consider law outdated)
N - Yes (Consider law outdated)
O - No (No, bills should be difficult to create. Leave the amount of signatures needed as is)
1A - No (Tax increase)
200 - Against (billing)
201 - Against (payments)
3E - No (tax increase)

My good friend Jonathan "GameJew" Mann posts this from California.

These people make me sad for the world. Why can't people just love? Why is there so much intolerance? This and people who are close-minded really have been ruining my week.

"The Bible is a book. It's a good book. But it's not the only book!"
--Inherit the Wind

Monday, November 03, 2008

Drugs Drugs Drugs

Wow. Nostalgia Critic has a BRILLIANT top 11 Drug Awareness commercial review with a surprise #1.


Ooh... and be sure to see his to 11 hot cartoon girls.

Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't... but I did.

I voted for early, and I voted for the President.

I'll post my voting tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Magical Me

Mike sent me some of the pictures from James' birthday party where I did some magic.

View them here and click on the "<--" button

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Did you see this too?

I could've sworn I saw this exact thing on TV. Was this recorded from someone's DVR?

Wednesday Music

MUTEMATH - Typical

And maybe it's just me... but I have a soft spot for Lupe Fiasco. Why? Two words: He's SMART!

Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push

Monday, October 20, 2008

This week and NEW GAME GET

Been pretty busy this week. Work is long and arduous.

Tuesday the 14th I got Megaman 9. Day-um. If you have a Wii, and you don't have this game yet... you NEED it.

Wednesday the 15th I watched the Bella Lugosi Dracula movie. Meh.

Thursday the 16th I played MONSTERPOCALYPSE at the Haven. It's ok. Not the best, but pretty ok. I play the giant robots. Sky Sentinel will save us all!

Friday the 17th Max, Eric, & Nancy (Eric's girlfriend) came over to the Museum to help me with some computer stuff. We played a few games, but it was a pretty weird evening.

But I DID get Super Robot Taisen Z for the PS2. Super Robot Taisen (Wars) is a long running series taking robots from MANY anime and manga and putting them all in one game., The Big O, Zambot 3, Daitarn 3, Xabungle, Gundam, Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Getter Robo G, Grendizer, God Sigma and many others... TONS of robots/mechs. And it's a really decent strategy game too.

Friday was also the release of the Mother 3 English Patch.

Mother 3 is the 3rd installment of a cult classic on the NES/SNES. It only came out here in the US for the Super Nintendo (as Earthbound) but it died a slow painful death. Well fans have been trying to keep it alive by spreading the 'word'.

When Mother 3 came out two years ago (only in Japan) the fans went nuts, but many couldn't enjoy the story. Two years later, they can. And I gotta tell you that it's TOTALLY worth it.

I have never played Earthbound although I have gotten a NES cartridge of the original Mother game for the NES through NES Reproductions. It had an English patch, but it was too "grinding" to play and enjoy.

This one is a bit of grinding as well, but the story is so deep and interesting... and ADULT that you get lost in it. You want to know more. I cannot suggest enough you finding the ROM of the game *cough*HERE*cough* and downloading the patch. Oh, and here's a really decent emulator.

Saturday the 18th I performed my first birthday party as a magician. I didn't charge for it (for one, because it was for my good friend Mike Ruch's son James... and two, because I'm not good enough to charge yet) but it gave me a LOT of insight to performing for children.

I think it went well, and what I heard from my wife (who was surprisingly well enough to be there for about an hour... she's been really sick) the kids liked it.

It was nerve racking, but I think it was passable. I can definitely see why children's magicians do a 20 minute act, though... MAN what a tough crowd. I also see why many of them do extra stuff as well (doing balloon animals afterward) to account for their fee.

One kid really surprised me, though. He was an older boy and hung out with the "older" kids. He had short blonde hair and while he was with the "cooler" crowd, when the other older kids went off on their bikes... he stayed and played with the little kids. It really impressed me and he was really nice to everyone during the whole afternoon. Really impressed me.

And here's how to take scratches off of CDs and DVDs using toothpaste, peanut butter, soda pop, and baking soda...

Monday, October 13, 2008

So... what if...

...the "Lost Boys" from the movie "Pan" became teens?

I hear that this is what the "cool kids" today are listening to.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Loves me some Little Miss Gamer

I love this episode.

And this made me think of Jen and our WiiFit

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

There ain't no school like Old-School!

Jen and I have been watching old episodes of Voltron on DVD. Man... so many memories! And I found DVDs for Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman.

But below, when I was first getting into anime (Japanimation as we called it) in the 1986/87, my friend Mark Salisbury showed me this video he had gotten (ON LASERDISK!). A daicon is a Japanese radish. 'Dai' can mean 'big' or 'great'. Con... like convention. DAICON! So much fun.

I can't believe I found this video on YouTube! Technology is amazing.

And the scary thing: I used to be able to name about 80% of the characters.

Now I just need to find a DVD copy of 'Robot Carnival', and I'll explode from ani-memories.

And come to find out that one of Jen & my favorite stories/movies/tv shows from Japan (Densha Otoko) had an opening for the live action TV show based upon this video. Talk about an "inside joke"! Only serious otaku (nerds) would get that reference!

And the entire album (Time - ELO) is FANTASTIC. One of my top 5 albums.

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Nintendo DSi

Thoughts? Downloadable content will NOT be region-free.

- 3.25 inch LCD screen (versus the DS Lite’s 3 inch screen)
- Two .3-megapixel cameras equal to a maximum resolution of 640×480
- Will be able to sync with the Wii Photo Channel and edit photos
- SD slot on right-hand side.
- On-board memory
- Comes with web browser (presumably Opera-based) and will support music playback with adjustable pitch and playback rate.
- Will launch with the DS equivalent of WiiWare in which you can download new titles for the DS (Wii Points now officially called Nintendo Points)
- DS Ware titles range from free/300/500/800
- No GBA slot
- 18900 yen ($180 US)
- Battery charging time: ~2.5 hours
- Battery charge length:
lowest brightness: ~9-14 hours
low brightness: ~8-12 hours
medium brightness: ~6-9 hours
high brightness: ~4-6 hours
highest (3-Suns) brightness: ~3-4 hours
- The DSi will be released in white and matte black on November 1st in Japan, 2009 elsewhere.

On the bright side, CLUB NINTENDO will be coming to the States! Now there's a reason to buy Nintendo products: free stuff!!!

And when did I miss that Jack "Douchebag" Thompson has been officially disbarred?

And now, Hitler is BANNED from X-BOX-Live! Can this day get any better? I say it cannot, my friend!

October brings... the SCARY!

Last year I played horror video games. It was fun and I discovered some really fun games. I also watched some movies based on those games.

This year I decided that since I haven't played Castlevania I would go that route. And movies? Dracula movies, of course!

Last week Jen, Dale and I watched "NOSFERATU: Phantom der Nacht" from 1979. Pretty creepy... but being an artsy Werner Herzog film, it was pretty funny in some places.

This week we're watching "Shadow of the Vampire" from 2000 with Willem Dafoe. I'll also be playing the original NES classic CASTLEVANIA. I do have the NES version, so I don't need to get it on the virtual console... but if you don't have it you might want to play it for the October season.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't say that there's nothing to listen to.

Two of my friends make podcasts that are fun.

My good friend Derek Knight does the "Son Of Cheese Half-Hour Power Hour". It's mostly just talking, but we have fun. There are the occasional interviews with famous-type people and it's really good. It can be friend/group specific but Derek and Collin really make the show worth listening to. And I'm not just saying that because they're my friends. Does have adult language.

Paul Drager (a friend of mine from work) does the "Unnamed Radio Show". It's a nice mix of music "that you aren't listening to" that are favorites of his... or songs that inspire him. And the great thing is that he TELLS you what the songs and artists are. It's well edited and the fourth podcast is packed with good indy music.

Be sure to listen to them and make comments on those pages. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

Also, a GREAT song HERE. Ryan Adams - La Cienega Just Smiled.

Click on the red dot with the white arrow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


For years, I have been SICK of ebay sellers jacking me with overpriced shipping prices.

They do this to avoid paying ebay fees... but no more.

Starting in October, ebay is going to have shipping MAXIMUMS! They're going to force these @$$-hats who sell something (buy it now) for .01 and ship it for $15 to stop their shennanigans!

So they HAVE to ship it for $4... or whatever. They can probably get around it by doing something with the shipping calculator... but it'll be tough.

So yay.

And a big "thank you" to those sellers who, like me, try hard to make shipping costs realistic.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wild Wild Life

So I'm going to my old and dear friend Eric's house for his 22nd birthday party. There's going to be Rock Band there. Yay. Games, beer, games, food, games... and I think there may be some games there.

So I was going through the Rock Band 2 set-list, you know... getting ready for tonight (lalalala) and I discovered that... well, it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be.

Frankly, it sucks.

Which makes me even more excited for Guitar Hero 4's set-list in a month. MAN! Smashing Pumpkins songs up the wazoo with Billy Corgan as a PLAYABLE CHARACTER!!! Oh, and other playable characters like Sting, Ozzy, The 'Nuge', Hendrix, and Travis Friggin' Barker as well!


Oh, and "Samba De Amigo" next week.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cool game alert!

If you like Baseball, I have a treat for you.

I found a game that is pretty spiffin' cool, and uses your baseball cards (as long as they have stats on the backs) to "play baseball". And get this: it's easy and it's LESS THAN $5!

It's called the "All-Star Baseball Card Game" and it's put out by ABCGame Company. It's non-collectible because, as said before, it uses regular-ol baseball cards!

I bought 3 copies of the game since it was so cheap to give to my friend Derek and Paul (and one for myself). Paul and I are play-testing it with a game here at work (well, during our breaks).

A single inning can last as long as 3 minutes. 5 minutes if you're on a streak.

For $5 you get rules that fit on both sides of a single piece of paper (with good clear rules and examples), 2 dice (a 12 and 10 sider), and a box to hold either a "team" of 10 cards/rules/and the dice... or a bunch of cards (with the dice fitting in your pocket and the rules in your wallet). Really, all the guys are selling are the rules.

Unlike some other games that use cards but ignore the player stats, the baseball card stats actually matter here. There may be times where a bit of math is involved, but it's VERY elementary math and (especially if you're a baseball fan) you know how to do it already.

Basically, one player gets their pitcher ready, and the other person chooses their lineup. Then you roll dice. According to the numbers you both rolled (and according to the stats on the back of the cards) you either hit the ball and advance, foul, or are struck out.

Sound simple? It is.

I can't go into detail without telling you the rules, but if you are a baseball fan, I would buy this game. The company is good about communication (within 2 days) and good about shipping (I got the game within 7 days of my order). And shipping for 3 games was inexpensive as well ($3).

I'm writing about this because I want you all to support independent game makers. And for just $5, it's really worth it.

Now, for you FOOTBALL guys, they have a FREE Football game, but it's a bit more complicated. The main Football page is HERE.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


One of my favorite films...

And one of the best moments in film history.

Monday, August 25, 2008


What were your favorites?

Dale and I got to talking about the Sesame Street songs that we were totally "emo" over.

What were yours? Post a link in the comments area.

Man, sometimes I really miss the 70's.



And we can't forget these songs... I was TOTALLY emo for these.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Can you dig it?


September cannot come soon enough. YAY MEGAMAN!!!

And then, something funny...
click the image to see it full-size

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

My wife is still better.

You're the big rock cookie bottom of my heart...

Got some creative energy that's just welling up inside of you? Need to get it out? Can't go too far from home?

Well then, you're in luck! Jonathan's blogsite (Rock Cookie Bottom) has daily activities for those of you that need to GO OUT AND DO something.

Draw a picture, write a poem that Jonathan will reenact, film a video... it's all fun.

So give it a try. You might be surprised what you can do in a few moments.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dan Sperry's Magic

I love this illusion

Friday, July 25, 2008

Metal Gear NES

Well, this weekend I am coming out with a new video. It's going to be a "My First Time" thing where I play the classic NES title: Metal Gear!

I'll be posting the finished video here and on YouTube.

On another note, my favorite Japanese television programme, Game Center CX, is coming stateside under the title: Retro Game Master.

Let's see how badly the bungle this translation up, eh?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mah Magic Blog

I'll still be posting some stuff about me learning magic here, but I have a blog just for that. Look to the right side for the link.

Anyways, I just joined S.A.M.!

Society for

Not only that, but I also joined the local group. Now, I have a place to practice and learn every month. The guys in the group are really nice and patient. I screwed up a trick this month in front of all of them, but they were very genuine and supportive at my being new.

The president of the local S.A.M. group even offered to teach me fire-eating (although Jen thinks it's too dangerous).

I used to think that she was just being silly, but it's nice to know that I have someone so close to me that she wants to spend as much time with me HEALTHY as she can.

She and I have been talking about (you know... when I get good in a year or so) of doing a husband-wife act. She actually suggested that she be my assistant!

Take a WILD guess as to what the act would be?

Yup, a Mad Hatter/Alice act.

I'm coming up with tricks and illusions as we speak. It would be a TON of fun.

We got the idea from one of the performers from Loveland. His hat was perfect! I need it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Had a GREAT weekend

The big event was going to the Masters Of Magic in Loveland Colorado this Saturday afternoon. I don't know if many of you have been to Loveland, but it's a pretty little town. They happened to have a festival that weekend, but we (Jen and I) went up for the magic!

We got to see many wonderful entertainers... dove man Dan Sperry, 17 year old heartbreaker Krystyn Lambert, Denver magician of 8 years Jack Stephens... it was a LOT of fun and some VERY good magic.

One of my favorite tricks was done by Reza... who made a motorcycle appear in 3.5 seconds!

But my favorite of all was Dan Sperry's dove conjuring. He was the sh*t.

And I got their autographs in a particular way.... like I tend to get autographs. I mean who else has George Takei's autograph on a bulbasaur?

Penn Jillette and Teller have a way of doing a "pick-a-card" trick that they "fail" and then reveal the card in some cool way. They even have a cemetery plot with a card reveal on it. "Is this your card?"

So I gave all the magicians (and some of their assistants) a card and had them autograph them "Is this your card?" with their autographs. I got them printed out and put them into a folder...

I plan on showing it off a lot (laughs). Here's Dan Sperry and Krystyn Lambert. As usual, click on them to see the bigger images.

But that wasn't all. When they found out that I was practicing magic... talk about wanting to know more about me! They all supported me in trying to do a renaissance magic act next year, Reza and his crew gave me tips on how to find gigs, Joe and Carol Givan got me hooked up with the people at to come to the "Magic in the Rockies" convention in September... and Jack Stephens gave me some words of encouragement as well. They were all super wonderful people.

So I am super stoked to get an act together for the Renaissance Festival next year for walk-around traditional close-up magic.

And now I have a convention to look forward to. Perhaps I can talk Derek into going for a day or two.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Continue to look at the links to the side (on the YouTube site) to see the whole thing. I LOVE YOU CYRIL!!!

Cyril dates a korean girl... so sweet.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lots of good things!

So I have a magic teacher! My uncle Jim Burkhart is helping me with my magic. This is very exciting because I have been practicing very hard and it appears to be paying off. Hopefully I won't let him down.

Jim and I have had a history that hasn't always been the best... but when I mentioned to him that I was studying magic and if he could teach me some things when he gets the chance... his eyes lit up and he was very happy to help.

I think he knows me well enough to know that when I put my mind to something that I REALLY go for it and do my best. I appreciate that of him.

I better do well because he gave me a BEAUTIFUL gift of a book (from his own library, may I add) on card fans and flourishes called "Card Fantasies" by Edward G. Love from 1964~! Not only that, I thought I was just going to borrow it... but then he signed it to me!

For me, that book is now more precious than gold.

I better study on my fans then, eh?

If any of you are interested in magic, may I HIGHLY suggest! Brad Christian is an EXCELLENT video-trainer.

More good things is that we filmed the 4th Ludus Challenge and Shuuki's working on it.

I should have the intro to my new video series "Import Impressions" up soon as well.

My father-in-law is taking Jen and I to the mountains next weekend! It'll be great to do stuff with him.

And Spam-a-rama's coming up soon too! Gotta try to think of something to make. Did stuffed bell-peppers last year (that turned out well), and tacos ("Spacos") the year before (both used ground Spam)... gotta think of something good.

And lastly, I still have my job. Well, for the rest of the year at least. WHEW! Dodged THAT bullet!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Love Cyril Takayama. He's my favorite magician.

And Gal Sone... she's my favorite professionsal eater. She's such a cutie.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Death Note: The Live Action version/Two night showing

Spent $22 for two tickets to see Death Note in the theatres last night. It was terrible.

I walked out 25 minutes into it. I have only EVER walked out of 2 movies before: "Saving Private Ryan" and now this one.

Now, I went to see it in theatres when I was in Japan and enjoyed it, and I own the DVD... so WHY was it so terrible this go-around?

1) FU*KING anime schoolgirls can't shut their FU*KING mouths while the movie was going on
2) The movie was dubbed into English
3) The movie was POORLY dubbed into English
4) The movie was poorly dubbed into English by the people who dub the voices (and ruined) the tv anime version of the story.
5) Someone brought a FU*KING BABY into the theatre.

I don't know if I can go to a movie theatre again. This happens every time. EVERY time and it has gotten old real fast.

So looks like I'm going to have to wait and see Batman, Prince Caspian, Harry Potter 6, and everything else when they come out on DVD because I DAMN sure well NOT going to go to a theatre and wait from that jackass behind me to shut up talking, for the morons in front of me to turn off (and close) their cell phones, and for that gawd-daym woman to take her FU*KING CHILD out of the theatre.

My sincere apologies to my friend Dale whom went with me and was very calm during the whole thing and elected to stay to see it out. I apologize profusely.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sold all 200

In 3 days I sold all 200 buttons that I had made!


So you KNOW I had to order more button stuff... and this Friday I'm going to re-list the auction and try to make 200 more buttons.

Wow. Who knew there would be SO MANY FANS of the game?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mah mamma came down from Denver today and we talked a LOT about computers and how she DESPERATELY needs one.

We went to and found a pretty good laptop that JUUUUST might be in her price range.

We are now going to go to Famous Daves for lunch. I really hope my poor tummy does well. Ant-acids anyone?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"The World Ends With You" Homemade Pins

Hey all! I'm selling The World Ends With You pins.

These are the pins from the FANTASTIC Nintendo DS game. I'm really surprised nobody has made these before now...

Visit my auction HERE!!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I know who I am voting for this November.

Yes We Shall!

Vote COBRA 2008!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My recent hospitalization

All the doctors could determine so far was that my having taken so many anti-biotics for the various sicknesses I have had caused the good bacteria in my body to start dying off (anti-biotics kill bacteria good and bad it seems).

So Saturday I got stomach cramps after going to a "pirate themed restaurant" with friends (damn you pirates!!!). The next day at about 2:00pm I got harder cramps and started having ... ummm... troubles "back there". Then I started throwing up. Then I kept on doing both until 9:00pm until I had nothing left to exit my body.

So Jen took me to Memorial hospital where we waited 2 hours in the emergency room (should be called the "eff-you we'll get to you when we bloody well want to room") and then another 45 minutes until they got an I.V. in me.

Then they start with the tests, a C.A.T. scan, and more tests. I got admitted to a real hospital bed about 5:00am. Jen and I were so tired. I finally started feeling better at 2:00pm the next day and then REALLY better at 4:30pm. They finally released me at 6:30pm.

I still have diarrhea but it's nowhere near as bad as it was (exiting every 10 minutes).

Some things I learned:

* When taking anti-biotics for illnesses, take them with yogurt. The good cultures will help keep your tummy from taking too bad a hit from the anti-biotics.

* When visiting the emergency room, people will ask you "what is wrong". Faint at the desk or really exaggerate your problem. They may admit you quicker, but it might (might) help if you had an un-attached limb. This will not be a problem because you will be asked "what is wrong" by 10 more nurses and doctors who cannot read charts and you can give them real answers then.

* Or, have the ambulance come get you. It seems that people who arrive via ambulance get "special privalleges" even if it's not severe. Heart attack? Ambulance. Disemboweled? Ambulance. Splinter? Ambulance. (That last one... not even fuc*ing kidding you. The kid got in AFTER me via ambulance and was admitted BEFORE me for a fuc*ing splinter!)

* The nurses do everything. EVERYTHING.

*The doctors do nothing but come into the room and say "Hello, I'm a doctor... AH! And I see you have the machine that goes 'ping'!"

* Order room service two hours before you're hungry because that's how long it will take to get INTO your room after the cafeteria people deliver it outside the door and the nurses give a damn enough to bring it in.

* In fact, make plans that anything that happens will happen 2 hours after you request it. Stool collection, food delivery, more blankets, pain medication, pillows...

* Or, you can try to go to sleep. They swarm upon you like locusts if you try to go to sleep.

* Don't ask the nurses for anything... they will ignore you if you ask for too much.

* Don't go to Memorial Hospital. Ever. EVER! EV-FUC*ING-ER

Friday, April 25, 2008

There are no heroes left in man

A video from the Protomen album. I have it if anyone would like to borrow it. Or you could buy one from It's a great album.

And yes, it's TOTALLY based off of the Nintendo "MegaMan" series.

I really love how they changed the robots to look so much darker

Cut (Cutman)
Guts (Gutsman)
Elec (Elecman)
Bomb (Bombman)
Fire (Fireman)
Ice (Iceman)
Proto (Protoman)

Some other great fan-made videos using the Protomen songs and the movie

And finally, a fun home-made trailer...

"If these people
tell this story
to their children
as they sleep
Maybe someday
we'll see a hero
who's just a man
who knows he's free.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba

So, here's the thing.

I was at home... you know... minding my own business... looking neither to the right nor to the left...

When I turned on Nick Jr. You know, like ya do.

And I saw this:

And I got scared. Very very scared. But the really scary thing was that, like a car wreck, I-couldn't-stop-watching-the-damn-show! And I liked it.

So there's this new show in TV called "Yo Gabba Gabba". It's a kids show that's half H.R. Puffinstuff and Pee Wee's Playhouse. And it's done by several former members of the Aquabats. So you know it's gonna be weird and fun.

The San Fransisco Chronicle wrote this:

"Monday's pilot features Elijah Wood teaching kids a dance. How they'd get Frodo Baggins from "Lord of the Rings"? Producer Justin Lyons saw him at an Aquabats show and gave him a tape. Wood called the next day to sign up. Not only did he do the shoot at far below his going rate, but he also hung around the set all day. The reason may be simple.

"It's cooler to have fun and be a kid," Schultz said. "I mean who wouldn't still want to be a kid? I'd love to be able to take a nap and sleep all day."

I thought nothing of it. In fact I forgot about it... until this weekend when I walked into "Hot Topic" and saw Yo Gabba Gabba t-shirts.

Lots of them.

Scared... so very scared...

Happy Earth-Day everyone!

What did the Earth Day faerie bring you this year? And did you remember to fill your galoshes with coleslaw and put out a cream soda for old Saint Percival? You know he loves his cream soda, and he might just leave you a sink-full of glass bottles that you can take to the store for a nickel each! (offer not valid in 51 of the 50 states)


Ok. Sarcasm aside, I was commissioned to make the store for the Gorilla in the Greenhouse flash-comic... and I actually learned something: that North Pacific Gyre S-U-C-K-S!

So check it out.

Anyways, I have been very busy setting up and running a Passover Seder at my friend Stephan's house. We had a great time and ate WAY too much food and drank WAY too much cheap wine.

Then I have been working on the above mentioned web-store as well as the web-store for my good friend Jonathan Mann ( That one isn't up yet, but it should be soon.

I also worked on a video (with Shuuki) for Jonathan Mann's series "An OverAll Mystery". You can watch the other episodes HERE. Then you can watch MY video HERE. Jonathan really liked it.

Other than that, I haven't had two seconds to do almost anything else. But now that I have more free time, I'll be posting more.

I'm also going to have a new video series about importing games on my YouTube area come the end of the week.

And thanks to all you well-wishers when I was sick. I appreciate it.

OH! And I got a new TV for the downstairs. YAY! This is a nice one too.

And with my recent game purchases, I'm only missing 20 of the 153 Wii Virtual Console games for the NES and Famicom. I have been trying to collect as many as I could in cartridge form. Lolo 2 was just too expensive, so I broke down and got it on Virtual Console... but that's ok. It's a great puzzle game.

* Wii gun with Link's Crossbow Training
* Blades of Steel (NES)
* City Connection (Famicom)
* Pachio Kun (Famicom)
* Star Luster (Famicom)
* Tennis (Famicom)
* Operation Wolf (NES)
* Valkere no Bouken Tokino Kogi Densetsu (Famicom)
* Ganbare Goemon: Karakuri Densetsu (Famicom)
* Makai-Mura (Famicom)
* Wrecking Crew (Famicom)
* Zack & Wiki (Wii)
* MLB Power Pros (Wii)
* Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GameCube)
* Adventures of Lolo 2 (Wii Virtual Console)

Friday, April 04, 2008


Yup... I has been sick. Very sick. Sleeping all day sucks because then I'm not really that tired that evening...

well... tired of COUGHING!

But I am on the anti-bio-ticks (I don't know why they put bionics on ticks... and what they're anti... but MAN they work happy good)!

To use a term from The Angry Video Game Nerd:

Bronchitis "sucks monkeyf**k.


I have been able to do two things: 'Jack' and 'Squat'. Poor Jen is probably at her wit's end with me, but she sure hasn't shown it. She's been awesome.

So, some things I have been meaning to blog about:

1) GameJew has asked me to help with his new website's music-buying area. I'm truly honored. When I get better I will finish it... but until then, get your 'tuchas' on over to for some great music by my friend Jonathan a.k.a. GameJew.

2) Happy birthday to my friend Heather Knight. Little Max is very handsome.

3) I just got word from another High School (well, actually junior high and high school) friend Saundra Green. I'm so glad too. I have really been hoping all was going well with her. I have missed her friendship.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Three Good Movies

Jen and I just watched three very good movies this weekend. It started with our fevorite: The Castle. A 1997 movie from Australia looks a bit dated, but still holds great laughs to this day. A story about a man who is about to lose his home to a government contract it shows how he fights and how he lives. WONDERFUL film.

The second, The Peaceful Warrior, came out last year and was based off the book of the same name. Jen just read the book and enjoyed it and was quite happy with the movie adaptation. Having never read the book (and not thinking I would like it) I actually was VERY interested and quite liked it's message and story.

The last one we watched last night over our Monday-Pizza dinner. The Darjeeling Limited is the latest film from Wes Anderson, a filmmaker whom I admire for his off-beat storytelling and incredible framing of images. Co-written with Jason Schwartzman you can really tell which parts came from Jason and from Wes, but it was still a very enjoyable film.

And you get to see Natalie Portman's bare tushie and side-boob... so it was worth the price of admission.

Poor girl needs a sammich. GET THAT GIRL A SAMMICH!!!

All three movies talk about the human souls in some way and its strength. I like that. I could wax on poetically about it, but that's best left for the movies themselves. So I suggest you watch them.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Working late tonight... but...

Found this cool video.

Now if you have been a regular surfer on YouTube you have probably seen the first video below... but I like the SECOND one much better. More talented. (laughs)



Thursday, March 20, 2008



Post your codes in the comments below

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There's an odd thing happening at my other blog "JewWario"

Ok, so there's an odd thing happening at my other blog "JewWario" in that is averaging over 300 hits a day.

Now that may not seem like a bad thing, and in all it's not. I mean I love that I have become popular... until you find out WHY I am getting all the hits.

I did a small article about the endings on the Metroid games and how they show Samus in various stages of undress if you are really good and what that meant to me. It's not the best article by far, and (to tell the truth) it was written pretty quickly.

People are searching on GOOGLE for "METROID PRIME ENDING" and getting my site. Once again, that's not necessarily bad. That meand that they have a great chance to actually READ the article instead of oggling Samus... but I feel that it's odd that SO MANY PEOPLE are actually LOOKING for Metroid Prime Endings!

Very weird.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ludus Challenge #3: Myst

Shuuki finally finished the video and it looks great! Enjoy. "Ludus Challenge #2: Game Center CX" should be edited by Tuesday. We'll be recording a fourth one this coming Thursday.

Friday, February 29, 2008

An open letter to my beautiful wife...

Dear Jennifer,

I know how much you love to dance. I wish that I could join you but I have two left feet. I apologize for taking you out to dance two years ago for your birthday and spending the whole time talking with my friends while you danced by yourself... but the fact is that I just can't dance.

Please watch this video as it demonstrates more to the point than I can express in words. I love you. Very much.

Your dexterous husband,

P.S. I'm joking. I'm much better than these guys.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zoo, zoo, zoo

So Jen and I took a visit to the Will Rogers Shrine this weekend and really had a blast. We also visited the zoo on a very blustery day and got to feed the giraffes, pet bunnies, and search for the otters (which have been relocated, I guess).

The Budgie Buddies exhibit was a GREAT let-down as the "feeding sticks" are just popsicle sticks with about (not exaggerating) 10 pieces of seed glued to the end. And, regardless of what the commercial shows you, you cannot go 'amongst them'. There are more birds in Memorial park than there were there. BIG let-down.

But Jen and I are planning on doing a "Colorado Thing" every month. Will be fun. I'll post pics of our zoo excursion tonight.

Get your own widget and share anywhere!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Professor Layton, Myst, and Riven

So for the past several weeks I have been playing three games. One, for the Nintendo DS is: Professor Layton. The other two (for the PC/MAC) are Myst and Riven. I have really been enjoying them as I really like puzzle games.

All three are also games I never thought that I would like.

Professor Layton at first glance is a cartoony boring story game... but it, in fact, is filled with puzzles. ALL SORTS of puzzles! Playing five minutes into it got me hooked... and I knew it would become one of my favorite games on the DS. It is an adventure game with puzzles, murder, intrigue, mysteries... and great DS animation. Yes, animation.

Don't walk... RUN to get it. It is worth $30.

As for Myst and Riven... I love them both, but I can see why people don't...

For one thing, you are not told what to do. No rules, no goal. Nothing. So part of the game is trying to figure out what to do. That's actually not as hard as it may seem... it just takes time.

But Myst and Riven are both unforgiving in that they rarely tell you if you have done something right. You have to search and deduce... and many people have started Myst and never played too far into it for that reason. So I can understand being frustrated.

Luckilly, I LOVE puzzle games and am pretty good at them, and so I fell in love with the series. I have just started Myst III and was pleasantly surprised to find one of my favorite actors playing a role in it: Brad Dourif!

I would really suggest these games as well as they are thinking games that let you take your time and not rush. They're also fun games to play with others as you can all suggest ideas and wrap your minds around them.

To help you all play (those of you that never got too far out of frustration) I give you this help for MYST... without spoilers:

IDEA: You have found a strange book and have been transported to this new island. Inside of the library on the island are two books~ a red and blue one. Both tell you to find pages to add to them. There are other books that link to other worlds (called 'Ages') that you must find to get these red and blue pages... but you must find these books as they have been hidden around the island. Touch paintings, read journals, push buttons, be curious, and keep notes of everything you find. When something changes... look around. Something may be different and the island is small enough to discover even small differences without too much work.

The game journal I made during game play is below... but it is LOADED with spoilers.



I didn't know what I would need, so I left room for as many Ages as I could. You can see that I didn't need all of it. That would change with the Riven game.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I don't care what anyoe says. Mr. Rogers was wonderful.

Jen gave me a book when he passed away in 2003 and I still have it. This is my favorite quote from it, and I still try to remember it whenever I feel bad about myself.

"The toughest thing is to love somebody who has done something harmful to you... especially when that somebody is yourself."

The show aired 40 years ago today.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Oh, draw the blinds
We can shut out the night
Pull up the blanket
Pull the blankets up tight

And there are angels on our curtains
They keep the outside out
And there are lions on our curtains
They lick their wounds
They lick their doubt

We watch it float away
With all the memories of the day

And there are angels on our curtains
They keep the outside out
And there are lions on our curtains
They lick their wounds
They lick their doubt

Close your eyes
Go to sleep


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More great music from a commercial

Saw the Dell commercial the other day (well, several weeks ago)

...and finally found the song.

They also did a song from Mr. Magorium's Wonder Imporium (still a great movie in my opinion).

Monday, February 11, 2008

Some of you may have heard... and some of you may have not...

But Jen was in an automobile accident this Saturday. She's ok. She's fine, as a matter of fact, but the car is totaled.

Just to let you know the facts:

* I-25 in Castle Rock coming home from Denver
* @$$hole pulls out in front of her
* Car + concrete barrier = bad
* @$$hole drives away without a scratch or a care
* Nice people stop to help my pixie
* Nice people get @$$hole's car make and license plate number
* Father-in-law and Justin are pissed and wait to see if @$$hole gets caught

So there you go. She's really just fine... just a few scrapes. I'm just thankful it wasn't more.

On a lighter note Derek, Heather, Jen and I went to get some good German food at a restaurant that closed down a few hours later. No kidding. We were almost the last customers... and they had VERY good liver and onions.

And for your Music Monday...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Jojo Card Game Sleeve-Ready Translations

This is the supplemental video for the card game translations I have been working on the past several weeks.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

Liver & Onions

I know it sounds weird, but I love liver & onions.

I bring this up because at the cafeteria today, they were serving liver & onions. I got there 45 minutes before they closed (they're open from 11:00am to 1:00pm).

They had sold only 3 plates... including me. So they gave me an extra piece.

It was really good. I don't know what people have a problem with. For me, it's "comfort food".

Actually... I wonder if it's because it might be related as "poor-food"? I loved it when my grandmother made it... but we weren't very wealthy either (still aren't).

Hmmm... your thoughts?

Monday, January 21, 2008

OGR: Umihara Kawase

So we got to thinking that we could do better video game reviews than the majority of the YouTubers out there.

So we did.


Lemme know what you guys think.

And Umihara Kawase is coming out for the PSP March 19th (well, in Japan...)!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure love

Givin' love where it needs it. Ora.

Jojo Battle Card Game (I am currently translating the rules and cards)

You can still get the first 9 books of the third story from VIZ. The translation is spot on.

And finally, the... Joestar family iPod commercial starring Giorno, Jotaro, Josuke, Jolyne, & Joseph.