Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I didn't post all last week as I was just way too busy with so many other things:

* moving my Jojo fansite to a free unlimited bandwidth server
* working on my July 4th surprise for my friends
* taking care of Forrest & Nancy's house while they are on vacation
* my wife's murder to plan and Guilder to blame for it... I was swamped!

I have many things to spout on about this week, so i'll be bloggin plenty. Come! Come witness the insanity!

Friday, May 20, 2005

GORILLAZ: Try before you buy... legally!

There's an area that has the new Gorillaz album where you can listen to the whole thing in streaming audio before it hits the shelves this Tuesday.


I posted my thoughts on the comment area.

And if you haven't watched the new video... shame on you! It's one of the two new iPod commercials as well. Very good song worthy of being a single.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What Does Willpower Mean To You?

I got a new ring today. I don't ususally wear jewelry, but I really wanted one of these rings for, well, let's say personal reasons.

So I bought this ring off of ebay for $8.00, got it in the mail today, and am wearing it as we speak. I really want one with green in it, but this will work for now. There are some other cool ones out there, but this'll do in a pinch.

I chose the Green Lantern's ring because of its association with willpower. Willpower is something I have very little of and need more of... so you might say that I got this ring to kind of help me when I feel weak (jeezus this sounds geeky) to remind myself to stay strong. It's very embarassing to write about, but I hope this will help a bit.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Interesting. This lady takes a picture (almost) every day at noon and then posts it on her livejournal. I also see that my friend Heather is trying to photoblog more often now as well. Hmmm... do "I" do enough I wonder? Could I do something neat and cool everyday with my digital camera? hmmm.... any ideas?

Monday, May 16, 2005

cough cough cough

Got a really funny video today from Nancy. It's the song "TORN" for the deaf.


Seeing the doctor today at 4:15pm to hopefully get rid of this throat virus thingy before too long. MAN, this has been annoying!

Also, I have more images for Noriaki Kakyouin to the side. Found out that they do not sell the Garnier Manga Head gunk here in the USA... but a similar item that the lady at Garnier told me about is their 'Surf Hair' goo-stuff. So i'll be getting some of that and some images up of me as Noriaki soon hopefully.

And lastly, speaking of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, VIZ comics is putting them out here in America this year as part of their "Shonen Jump Advanced" series! YAH! Now you all can read the actual mangas and see why I call Jojo's Bizarre Adventure my favorite manga story since 1989 when I first read it! If nothing else, go to the sidebar and visit my Jojo fansite to read a bit more about it.

Friday, May 13, 2005

But, is it art?

Salvador Dali.

It took looking at Dali to appreciate this kind of art. In a college drawing class of mine at UCCS (now CU the Springs) there was a student who was trying to be original. He actually sucked (my opinion) as he would try for 'conceptual art' instead of doing the f@$king project given. And he always got 'ooh's and 'ahh's from his fellow classmates... except me. And then one day he COMPLETELY didn't do the project the way it was told to be done, and people were fawning all over it. And for the first time the prof asked me what I thought of his work.

I said, at first, "He didn't do the project."

She smirked, "What do you mean?" I think she was expecting the next comment I made.

"Well, the project was to take one of our previous life drawings, re-draw it and incorporate it into a famous artwork with a phrase or word. All he did was take his previous life drawings, cut off their heads, glued them onto the paper to form the edge of a cliff, put one to look like he's being crucified and splattered a word across it with paint. He got the word part right, but he got everything else wrong and I think he should have to do it over. I spent two weeks on mine, and I have seen him not doing anything the whole time. He probably did it all today." (come to find out I was correct)

Silence filled the room as jaws dropped and eyes turned to the artwork again to go over it.

"Well, let's move on," the prof. stated.

Not only was he NOT forced to re-do it, but he got an 'A' on the piece of trash. I got an 'A' as well, but I think that was to shut me up. Come to find out my mother had a similar event in one of her art classes in Boulder... but that's another rant.

Needless to say I have NEVER understood 'conceptual art' or 'surrealism'. I think it's junk... something made because the artist is too f*^king lazy, and people LOVE it. I still don't get it most of the time... but I know what I like. And I likes me some Dali.
I also like Rene Magritte. Some beautiful art... and it's pretty conceptual.

Also, Michael Parkes is someone I have bought prints of. Wonderful fantasy surrealism.

Recently, I visited a site that had original art of the surrealist kind. Conceptual. And, surprisingly, I liked it. His name's Mark Ryden. It's goth/surrealism in my opinion.
Mark Ryden

And to send you on your weekend... here's the SON OF GAWD BEEYOTCH!!!
"Mean Gene, i'm gonna tear me up some Roman villas. I gots me a 55 gallon drum of 'WHOOP-ASS' and i'm gonna open it on dem all, and that's the bottom line because the big JC says so!"

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stuff Collin sent me yesterday

Collin and I send eachother links occasionally. He must have been on a roll last night because I got some groovy sites.


Yes, you too can have manga-like hair with this product! Hey, my hair's long enough... maybe I should get some of this stuff and take some pictures like my Noriaki character... hmmm


Gamers, fret no more. You don't need to buy graph paper for your gaming needs ever again!


A one hour video of the creator's thoughts. Pretty fun... especially if you have played the game. Katamari Damacy 2 is coming out soon...


Not something Collin sent me, but fun nontheless... covers from men-magazines from yesteryear. No worries... they're safe.

My, grandma... what big... um...

So there's this commercial in Japan for a construction company. They have a funny funny commercial with a 'Little Red Riding Hood' theme. I was lucky enough to find this gif of one of the characters. It's a Japanese badger known as a tanuki.


This site has the full commercial. You will need Quicktime, though.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rev. Tim McIntire

Ok. So when I began to live with my grandparents in 1983, we had a couple of neighbor boys whom my grandmother wanted me to play with. They thought that since I was an idiot (well, back in those days I was...) it might be fun to tease me sometimes. And I took it... because they were nice to me sometimes. We were kids... One was named Tim McIntire. He was a pretty funny guy.

The biggest tease was them letting me into their (cough) "club". Now, I didn't know what an 'anus' was... and so when I was being 'initiated into the "Royal Tiger's Anus Club" I had no clue... enough said... you get the idea.

Anyhoo... I was listening to the internet comedy station and heard this really funny guy and sure as $HIT it was Tim. Come to find out he's a big comedy guy in Boston now and is doing pretty well.

I just wanted to post his website here because he's a former-local funny funny guy whom I happen to have been personally a 'friend' of (smile). Good to see that he's doing well.

Grace's Movie

I used to tutor Japanese. My favorite student, Grace, is currently attending DU in Denver for an Art degree. She's taking a 3-d art class and just finished this movie.

I'm really proud of her.


Eclectic Music Choices

When people ask me what kind of music I like I tell them everything... to a point. And I really mean it. It's actually more of a 'how long can you tolerate this kind of music' thing. I let almost every song I her for the first time get 1:45 of my time. If I REALLY hate it then i'll turn it otherwise i'll give anything a chance.

Well, since Collin put up his post last night I have been thinking about strange music groups. Not strange in a Weird-Al strange... or even necessarilly an Aquabats strange... a few of these are real serious groups. Maybe 'indy' would be a better term. Here's a few of my favorites. To follow a link, click on their names.

* Matisyahu - Hassidic Jewish reggae

* The Postal Service - Indy Emo moog

* Panjabi MC - Panjab/Asian Indian Hip-Hop

All three are very good listens. I would encourage you all to try them out.

Monday, May 09, 2005

There's a great site that has a 7 page FAQ on how lightsabers work. Good in-depth article with suggestions on what to do with your new light-saber.


Friday, May 06, 2005

Classic Animation... now that's what i'm talkin' about

Was just flipping through the channels the other night and I happened across some animation that was absolutely stunning. It was called "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" and it was a pioneering animated feature film from 1926... and it was all done with hand cut-out silhouettes.

It reminded me so much of the game "The Fool's Errand" by Cliff Johnson that I went back to one of his interviews and, sure enough, he cited the film as a great inspiration.

As much as I enjoyed seeing the Animation Festival last month, and all the new animation techniques... I would really pay money to see an animation festival that shows the old stuff: Adventures of Prince Achmed, Destino (Salvador Dali and Walt Disney's joint project)... you know... cutting edge stuff when it really WAS cutting edge.

Also, on a short note, 'The Fool's Errand' is a fan-TAS-tic game and is a must play... and a FREE download! It really sucked me in and I cannot wait until July 5th when he brings out "The Fool and His Money". I am gonna pre-order my copy with this next paycheque... are you?

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Been thinking about the people in my life who are no longer. I don't know why. You ever do that? Think of your best friend in sixth grade and try to look for them on GOOGLE or something... but then you get 2,000 results? And then when you add one defining word to your search you get nothing?

Well, I got a few links, but now it's the question of whether or not you should try to contact them. It's been a while.

Why is Dan Fogelberg's song " SAME OLD LANG SYNE " coming into my brain? AGH! GET IT OUT! GETITOUTNOOOOOW!!! Don't... (snif) don't wanna cry...


And on a happier note, I have really been enjoying my 'birthday DVDs'. I got "EDDIE IZZARD: CIRCLE" and "Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT Season 2" and they're both fantastic. The 'Bullshit' series is like a real-man's Michael Moore show without Michael/without being so biassed with facts/and with Penn & Teller. And the Eddie Izzard DVD is... well... classic Eddie Izzard. This one doesn't have the 'bee keeper' monologue, but it's just as funny. And, I must say, he walks better in stelettos than most women I know. And I had no idea that he speaks flawless French. The DVD has a part where he does his act in Paris... it's very cool.

My wonderful Mom

With mother's day coming up, I wanted to tell you how much i'm proud of my mom.

This year, we have had to deal with a very stressful subject. Breast cancer. The type was a slow growing cancer and, with radiation treatment, 100% curable. She's halfway through the treatment but it's making her very tired. She's gonna make it though, and i'm very greatful.

She also got a great new 9-5/M-F job. FINALLY! A steady paycheque will do her good and the benefits will be even better for her.

My mom raised me from when I was born until I was 12. Then I went to live with my grandparents while she finished school and worked in Boulder/Denver. I missed her, but it was for the best... we were too stressed, I was a latch-key kid, I was failing school... it was tough.

But, through it all, my mom was the person that I get my morals and ethics from. She raised me, and taught me to be who I am. I thank my lucky stars every day that I have the mother I have. She came to almost every school/extra-curricular activity I was in even if she couln't really afford to be there.

I'm very proud of my mother. I know some people have a hard time with their moms, and sometimes I do too (I get my ((cough)) COLORFUL language from her too ((gasp!)) ), but I consider her not only my mother, but my friend as well.

Some people don't have their moms around anymore. Some have decided to never talk to them ever again, and some have forgotten. I am happy that I have the relationship I do with my mom.

Happy Mothers day to all you moms out there.

"Mother, I hope you know that I miss you so.
Time has ravaged all my soul... to wipe a mother's tears grown cold."
---Billy Corgan

Monday, May 02, 2005

Saw two pretty good movies this weekend

Well, I got to see two good movies Saturday and really liked them.


Now, my mom and I have a way of rating movies we see. We are movie junkies and will watch almost anything. I can only think of one movie I have actually walked out of, but otherwise I enjoy almost anything.

*Must own! Go now!
*I liked it. See in the theatres before it goes away. I might own it.
*Pretty good. I'd go see it in a matinee.
*It was ok, worth renting.
*Don't waste your money.

Both are a see in theatres while you can movie. I might own either. Hitchiker's is great because the movie script was written by Douglas Adams before he died. Deviates from the books but understandably. I liked it.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

For Love of the Game...

So my wife and I went to a Sky Sox game this Sunday. We usually get free tickets to go see them from my work, so it’s a decent deal. The seats are literally right behind the Sky Sox dugout along first base. Sweet seats except for one problem: kids.

Sox the Fox (the team’s mascot) dances in front of us. Now that’s not a problem. Jen and I enjoy his antics and he includes us in his witty shenanigans... ah, that wacky Fox. What the problem is are the kids who come down to see Sox the Fox, stand right next to us and yell to get his attention.

Well, on Sunday I wish those particular kids were there. Unfortunately the day was cold and the stands were not too occupied where we were and some kids came down to ask some of the team players for a ball. It was cute… for the first three times they asked… then a choice few started hounding these poor minor league players (who were losing the game and weren't in the best of spirits) for a ball. Then (worst of all) their drunk parents started egging them on.

It got so bad that the parents started telling the kids to curse at the players. Then the parents themselves started cursing at the players. “Hey! Give the kid the ball!” “They’re just kids, gawd-da**it! Give em’ a friggin' ball!” “HEY! First base! You’re a PU**Y! Give my kid a ball”. I went to talk to a staff member when it got bad (actually, during this time I went twice to ask them to tell the kids to get to their designated seats) and he told me (and I quote) “I already went down there once, what do you want me to do?”.

Now, obviously since nobody else is doing anything, 'I' have to be the grown-up. So I go down and tell the kids who are yelling and taunting the players to go to their designated seats. They look at me like they were just scolded by Bozo the clown and sit down in the chairs near them with a "you're not the boss of me" look. “No, go sit with your parents. Unless you paid for these seats, you need to sit up there!” pointing to the seats where the drunk parents were still begging baseballs for their kids. So the kids go up, and the parents yell down to us (from about 8 rows up) that we suck, and then comes the barrage of cursing at us. I yell back that they didn’t pay for the seats and that they shouldn’t be bugging the players for a baseball while a game is going on. I turn back to try to watch the game when the ringleader of the “Drunken Idiots of Colorado Kids” club starts berating us even more. Over the whole game you can hear this jerk yelling at us asking us that if ‘we were so tough to come up there’ and many other choice names... none clever... and none threatening to me. Trust me, I've heard them all.

Then one of them comes down to where Jen and I are sitting (obviously drunk off his keister and holding a beer) and says… “Hey, they’re only kids… let them have fun.”

Me: “I don’t want to sit through the rest of the game hearing these kids beg for baseballs.”

Him: “But they’re just kids, they’re just having fun.”

Me: “Well, they can have fun. I don’t mind these kids here (pointing to some of the more polite children who are just rooting for the team), they’re not berating the players. They’re having fun without being obnoxious.”

Him: “Hey, they’re kids… let them have fun” (he really liked saying that) It’s just like when you were a kid chasing baseballs and getting autographs…” (urp)

Me: “I never did. I didn’t do that.”

Him: “Of course you didn’t. You’re not athletic.”

Me: “No, I’m not.”

Him: “See? You’re just a piece of s*$t… you can’t appreciate this. Piece of s*$t. You're not athletic.” and he walks away muttering to himself... beer filling his beer-belly.

Come to find out that when he got back to his seat they then got kicked out of the field by security.

(sigh) I thought that I would get away from these guys when I graduated High-School. Sorry to say, folks... they're still among us even in our adult years.

And I can’t even be mad at 'athletes' or 'jocks'… because I have several friends who are ‘jocks’ who do not act like this guy and probably never have. It's like getting upset at Arabian-Americans for 9-11. You shouldn't do that. But that took the cake. I can’t enjoy a baseball game because ‘I’ am not an ‘athlete’? F^%k you!

There’s a reason I hate certain athletes, and this ‘berating people not as athletic as you’ is one of them. I was in drama club. Guilty. I was in choir. Guilty. I played D&D openly in the cafeteria. Guilty!

There’s a reason I didn’t try out for sports and it was that I didn’t want to be associated with a$$-hole$ like him!

The worst part is this: I took name-calling a lot in grade school… a LOT! I was the runt of the school in Junior High. RUNT OF THE SCHOOL! I gained a pretty hard shell for names and cursing at me from that. But my wife didn’t get that shell and him calling her a ‘piece of s*$t’ really hurt her. A lot. Thing is, I don’t know what to do. I really don't.

I really like baseball. I got that from 'Maime' (my grandmother). 'Maime' always watched the World Series and always rooted for both teams. She didn’t care who heard her either… she wanted a good game. And I was taught to support your team, but not to be rude. Yell to 'rally the boys', but don’t be obnoxious. Simpler times I guess.

Jen and I decided that the best way to enjoy the game now is to get tickets in the family section. Not because we're scared that they'll come back (my wife'd kick their @$$! Seriously, it took all her self-control not to jump the jerk when he began insulting her...) but because we're tired of the distractions that DO occur. They took away my childhood when I was in grade-school and now those f*%kers took my free seats. Bullies fu*%ing suck!

I really hate that there are people like that out there. Thing I hate even more is that the two boys who were begging for balls have him as a role-model and they’re gonna taunt my children someday.