Monday, February 11, 2008

Some of you may have heard... and some of you may have not...

But Jen was in an automobile accident this Saturday. She's ok. She's fine, as a matter of fact, but the car is totaled.

Just to let you know the facts:

* I-25 in Castle Rock coming home from Denver
* @$$hole pulls out in front of her
* Car + concrete barrier = bad
* @$$hole drives away without a scratch or a care
* Nice people stop to help my pixie
* Nice people get @$$hole's car make and license plate number
* Father-in-law and Justin are pissed and wait to see if @$$hole gets caught

So there you go. She's really just fine... just a few scrapes. I'm just thankful it wasn't more.

On a lighter note Derek, Heather, Jen and I went to get some good German food at a restaurant that closed down a few hours later. No kidding. We were almost the last customers... and they had VERY good liver and onions.

And for your Music Monday...


Mike Ruch said...

We wish Jen all the best, very glad she escaped with just some scratches.