Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There's an odd thing happening at my other blog "JewWario"

Ok, so there's an odd thing happening at my other blog "JewWario" in that is averaging over 300 hits a day.

Now that may not seem like a bad thing, and in all it's not. I mean I love that I have become popular... until you find out WHY I am getting all the hits.

I did a small article about the endings on the Metroid games and how they show Samus in various stages of undress if you are really good and what that meant to me. It's not the best article by far, and (to tell the truth) it was written pretty quickly.

People are searching on GOOGLE for "METROID PRIME ENDING" and getting my site. Once again, that's not necessarily bad. That meand that they have a great chance to actually READ the article instead of oggling Samus... but I feel that it's odd that SO MANY PEOPLE are actually LOOKING for Metroid Prime Endings!

Very weird.