Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rock Out With Infendo Contest

The contest is the "Rock-Out with Infendo" contest in which you are to send a video of you "rocking out" with (or without) your friends.

The prize is Guitar Hero: World Tour for the Wii. The BIG DELUXE $200 version!

The majority of the entries are probably going to be lads donning blonde wigs and bandannas sending in 30 seconds of them and their mates head banging to "Welcome To The Jungle" in ripped-up jeans and one boring out-of-focus-and-too-dark-to-see static camera angle.

So screw that... I'm doing a full rock video.


Take a look, rate my video, and leave a comment if you like. I'm hoping to win even though you aren't the judges. The contest ends Saturday the 6th and I'll find out next week.