Sunday, July 13, 2008

Had a GREAT weekend

The big event was going to the Masters Of Magic in Loveland Colorado this Saturday afternoon. I don't know if many of you have been to Loveland, but it's a pretty little town. They happened to have a festival that weekend, but we (Jen and I) went up for the magic!

We got to see many wonderful entertainers... dove man Dan Sperry, 17 year old heartbreaker Krystyn Lambert, Denver magician of 8 years Jack Stephens... it was a LOT of fun and some VERY good magic.

One of my favorite tricks was done by Reza... who made a motorcycle appear in 3.5 seconds!

But my favorite of all was Dan Sperry's dove conjuring. He was the sh*t.

And I got their autographs in a particular way.... like I tend to get autographs. I mean who else has George Takei's autograph on a bulbasaur?

Penn Jillette and Teller have a way of doing a "pick-a-card" trick that they "fail" and then reveal the card in some cool way. They even have a cemetery plot with a card reveal on it. "Is this your card?"

So I gave all the magicians (and some of their assistants) a card and had them autograph them "Is this your card?" with their autographs. I got them printed out and put them into a folder...

I plan on showing it off a lot (laughs). Here's Dan Sperry and Krystyn Lambert. As usual, click on them to see the bigger images.

But that wasn't all. When they found out that I was practicing magic... talk about wanting to know more about me! They all supported me in trying to do a renaissance magic act next year, Reza and his crew gave me tips on how to find gigs, Joe and Carol Givan got me hooked up with the people at to come to the "Magic in the Rockies" convention in September... and Jack Stephens gave me some words of encouragement as well. They were all super wonderful people.

So I am super stoked to get an act together for the Renaissance Festival next year for walk-around traditional close-up magic.

And now I have a convention to look forward to. Perhaps I can talk Derek into going for a day or two.


Gracie said...

i looooooooove the renaissance festival :D ! I have a outfit and all :D (two actually now that i have a pirate outfit, complete with real sword :D ) i'd totally look forward to going there to see you :D Matt doesn't like the ren fair, so he wouldn't go unfortunately :/ but you'd get to meet my best friend and partner in crime and his girlfriend :D glad you had fun at the magic festival :D but what id up with that guy's eyes? 8P... did you just capture him with his eyes closed? O_o....

Prof. Noriaki Kakyouin said...

He was just posing for the picture.

Jack said...

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know Masters of Magic will be back at the Rialto July 24 & 25... hope you get to make it again!!