Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Three Good Movies

Jen and I just watched three very good movies this weekend. It started with our fevorite: The Castle. A 1997 movie from Australia looks a bit dated, but still holds great laughs to this day. A story about a man who is about to lose his home to a government contract it shows how he fights and how he lives. WONDERFUL film.

The second, The Peaceful Warrior, came out last year and was based off the book of the same name. Jen just read the book and enjoyed it and was quite happy with the movie adaptation. Having never read the book (and not thinking I would like it) I actually was VERY interested and quite liked it's message and story.

The last one we watched last night over our Monday-Pizza dinner. The Darjeeling Limited is the latest film from Wes Anderson, a filmmaker whom I admire for his off-beat storytelling and incredible framing of images. Co-written with Jason Schwartzman you can really tell which parts came from Jason and from Wes, but it was still a very enjoyable film.

And you get to see Natalie Portman's bare tushie and side-boob... so it was worth the price of admission.

Poor girl needs a sammich. GET THAT GIRL A SAMMICH!!!

All three movies talk about the human souls in some way and its strength. I like that. I could wax on poetically about it, but that's best left for the movies themselves. So I suggest you watch them.