Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just a few words about someone other than me

Ok, I just felt like writing this while it's still in my head.

I have the most wonderful wife in he world. I don't know what I did in my life to deserve someone like her. It must have been in another life because I'm truly blessed. I have never known someone as selfless as her. She puts me as her #1 priority for some odd reason, and I really shouldn't be... but she just cares that much.

She's hard working, smart (well, brilliant actually), beautiful, honest (as the day is long), and modest. She's also really funny when you least expect it. When she loves, it's unconditionally.

I completely don't deserve her. I have known her since she was 17, and she has loved me ever since. I mean, can you imagine seeing someone and knowing that you were going to marry them? Even when I dated other girls, she always held out. When I went to Florida to be with someone... she always had hope.

And ever since I came back, she has made me feel like I'm someone special. She is amazing.

We have small quarrels. I don't think we have actually fought in quite some time. I think that's a part of marriage... to know how your partner works and to understand their ways. She accepts me when I'm an ass and when I'm not. She really wants to make our marriage work, and I do too. Because of her.

I can only hope that I can give her the love and affection she deserves. She's really one of a kind and those of you who know her (well, I'm assuming if you know me then you know her) know how she is.

I mean, I could tell her that I wanted to become a pro-wrestler and she would support me. And I wish that were a joke... but it's not. It's funny... but very true.

Sometimes I wish I could empathize with television and TV shows that show the husband being oppressed by his dominant wife. But it just won't ever happen. She lets me game with friends, she lets me have space when I desire it, she takes care of all of our finances... and she asks for nothing in return except for my love.

How did I luck out?


Mike said...

You're right Justin, you don't deserve her... just kidding. Whether you know it or not, there's a reason why you have someone in your life who puts you first, and it isn't always a quid pro quo kind of thing. It is finding that someone that is so hard, and when you do the best thing you can do is appreciate it and be sure to keep them there by showing them the same level of love and respect.