Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Biggest F**kin' ape I ever seen!

Last night in Denver I performed at the 'Freak Train'. I did a thing called the "Mario Monologues". It was a hit. I had people telling me all night "Thank you, Mario". It was fun.

Warning: the below contains strong language probably not good for kiddies.

Last night: Donkey Kong
Next month: Mario Bros.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Me When I Was Me - By Jennifer Carmical

Me when I was me
Without fear
Songs inside my heart
I was here

Now I live in clouds
Watching you
Like you were t.v.
Only true

Me when I was me
Was smiling without thinking
Of something to smile for

I remember her
How she used to be
Me when I was me

Don't take my picture
I look strange
To myself these days
Must be change

Walking's not skipping
Humming's not singing
And I used to
I used to be

Me when I was me
Smiling and singing
Skipping, not thinking
Of something to smile for

I will remember
Who she used to be
Me when I was me

2007 Author Fest of the Rockies
Picture from left to right
(click the image for larger):
Student Poetry Winner - Julie Beebe
Adult Poetry Winner & Overall Winner - Jennifer Carmical
Adult Short Story Winner - Anita Romero
Student Short Story Winner - Patrick Lee

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More good news!

So early on this month (the day after the Smashing Pumpkins concert) while my wife and I were in Manitou Springs, we came across this information about a poetry/short story contest (click for linkies). She decided to enter.

Long story short (too late) we got a call today that she won first place for poetry!

Yes, she won!

I'm so frickin' proud I could just plotz!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bummers and Upliftings

I'm taking this week off from work as I use up the last part of my vacation (since Jen and I didn't take a vacation this year).

I'm getting a bit fever-y lately in the evening and my nose is still producing green stuff even after taking the antibiotics.

Sucks big time.

If it continues tomorrow then I'm gonna try to see the doctor because it's getting pretty bad.

Also, there was a problem with the recording of the TMBG concert and so they aren't offering it up for download. That's a big friggin' bummer.

On the lighter side, I found another great song that I have been listening to a lot: 'Challengers' by 'The New Pornographers'. Great song, give it a listen (hint hint hint). Also, 'Catch The Wind' by Bob Dylan has been a frequent listen today. Gawd, I love that song!

I also shopped victoriously. Great deal on a great item. I have no idea why I wasn't sniped... but I'm glad I wasn't. For a working Twin Famicom would be $130+ easy... and a working Metroid disk (with box, stickers, and insert) would be $30-40 as well. The rest is just whipped cream on the sundae.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am so happy today...

So I found out that They Might Be Giants record all their concerts... and then allow people to purchase them for a small sum later on.

The concert I went to last month will be up today supposedly.

There's also a link to the concert set and musings of what happened.

And I got to participate in the GameJew podcast during my lunchbreak today too!!!

I just feel great today.

And don't forget to read my scary video game posting from last night here. I played a great game.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sing with me: "Sunday was the worst day... that I've ever known"

For the Smashing Pumpkins concert on Sunday, we got there (Red Rocks) early and we got seats RIGHT in front of the sound guys and so there was nobody behind us. GREAT "seats"...

And the Pumpkins concert S-U-C-K-E-D! The opening band had 10 times more energy in them. The music was ok... Billy's voice didn't suck. But he spent almost half the night getting intentional feedback from the speakers by standing in front of them. Artsy stuff... that sucked.

And whoever did the lighting must have been told to intentionally blind the audience AND not to light the band in ANY WAY AT ANY TIME. You could see two things... jack and squat.

Then people started coming from other rows and were standing in front of us and next to us crowding us... like they had been there the whole time and we were just saving their place. PISSED ME THE F*** OFF!






The only good thing was this lovely couple that we met who actually won concert tickets, airplane tickets, and hotel room from a radio contest in Dallas! Great couple.

I am NEVER going to another concert there and I am very close to not going to another concert ever... I mean, why go to a loud venue, with people that are rude, and expensive swag... when you can hear their music at home? At least TMBG put on a show. They talked to the audience... they spiced things up... made it fun.

The Pumpkins just played. Bo-ring.

Monday, however, really made up for it. Monday ROCKED.