Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mah Magic Blog

I'll still be posting some stuff about me learning magic here, but I have a blog just for that. Look to the right side for the link.

Anyways, I just joined S.A.M.!

Society for

Not only that, but I also joined the local group. Now, I have a place to practice and learn every month. The guys in the group are really nice and patient. I screwed up a trick this month in front of all of them, but they were very genuine and supportive at my being new.

The president of the local S.A.M. group even offered to teach me fire-eating (although Jen thinks it's too dangerous).

I used to think that she was just being silly, but it's nice to know that I have someone so close to me that she wants to spend as much time with me HEALTHY as she can.

She and I have been talking about (you know... when I get good in a year or so) of doing a husband-wife act. She actually suggested that she be my assistant!

Take a WILD guess as to what the act would be?

Yup, a Mad Hatter/Alice act.

I'm coming up with tricks and illusions as we speak. It would be a TON of fun.

We got the idea from one of the performers from Loveland. His hat was perfect! I need it!