Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Remember that Freak Train thing I was gonna do in April?

Ok. The Freak Train is a show where people get up on stage (after paying $5) and get 5 minutes to do whatever they like. Acting, poetry, stand-up comedy, plays... anything. Depending on who shows up, they have a thing called the "13th freak" where an audience member will be asked to come up and perform... so don't be surprised.
Last night I was FINALLY able to go up and got a spot easily. And I did pretty well.

The whole show was full of different kinds of acts. I was the only stand-up comedian there. There was a transvestite belly dancer, a band, a vampire pianist, a Beasty-boys-esque rap group performing the Canterbury Tales, and even two magic acts.

Derek should have the videos of us up later this week and I'll post here with a link to them. I'll be going up next month for SURE. I won't be doing comedy, but I'm sure whatever I do will be fun.

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Harry Potter Predictions

So, I just got my silver wristband for the midnight book sell at the north Borders here in the Springs.

So before I read it, here's my predictions.

Rowling said two main characters will die. I think one will be Hagrid with the other being Snape.

There are 4 more Horcruxes to be destroyed (with the Gaunt Ring and Riddle's Diary being two which have been destroyed already and the missing locket being the third). I think the other three are Voldemort's wand,

Hogwarts is closed. Hogwarts will re-open during the book.

Wormtail owes Harry a life debt that has not yet been repaid.
He'll die too... but I really don't think it'll be saving Harry.

Rowling said that one student will become a teacher. It's not Harry and it's not "who you think". I think it will be Neville.

Who is R.A.B.? No clue. Might be Regulus Black.

Is Snape friend or foe? He's loyal to Dumbledore.

Rowling has mentioned a Muggle will be able to cast magic... and it will not be Petunia Dursley. I think it will be Filch (the caretaker).

The rest... I'll have to read about.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Pale Blue Dot

Two Versions



For your amusement...

A cat eating corn.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday Music - Sad Songs

Because I love a song that makes me depressed.

* Ben Folds - Brick
"She broke down and I broke down cause I was tired of lying."

* Fleetwood Mac - Beautiful Child
"I'm old enough to love you from afar... even I never hold you again."

* William Shatner - That's Me Trying
"See, if we never had a problem, then that's what life would be like."

* Ben Folds - Still Fightin' It
"You're so much like me... I'm sorry."

* Dido - Christmas Day
"And the last words I heard him say were the last words I ever heard him say"

* Joan Armatrading - The Weakness In Me
"And I need you... and... you."

* Bob Dylan - Most Of The Time
"Don't even remember what her lips felt like on mine... most of the time."

* Tom Waits - The Day After Tomorrow
"I'll be 21 today, I've been saving all my pay, and my plane will touch down on the day after tomorrow."

There are more, but this is what I have in my work playlist. So, what songs make you cry like a little girl?