Monday, October 20, 2008

This week and NEW GAME GET

Been pretty busy this week. Work is long and arduous.

Tuesday the 14th I got Megaman 9. Day-um. If you have a Wii, and you don't have this game yet... you NEED it.

Wednesday the 15th I watched the Bella Lugosi Dracula movie. Meh.

Thursday the 16th I played MONSTERPOCALYPSE at the Haven. It's ok. Not the best, but pretty ok. I play the giant robots. Sky Sentinel will save us all!

Friday the 17th Max, Eric, & Nancy (Eric's girlfriend) came over to the Museum to help me with some computer stuff. We played a few games, but it was a pretty weird evening.

But I DID get Super Robot Taisen Z for the PS2. Super Robot Taisen (Wars) is a long running series taking robots from MANY anime and manga and putting them all in one game., The Big O, Zambot 3, Daitarn 3, Xabungle, Gundam, Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Getter Robo G, Grendizer, God Sigma and many others... TONS of robots/mechs. And it's a really decent strategy game too.

Friday was also the release of the Mother 3 English Patch.

Mother 3 is the 3rd installment of a cult classic on the NES/SNES. It only came out here in the US for the Super Nintendo (as Earthbound) but it died a slow painful death. Well fans have been trying to keep it alive by spreading the 'word'.

When Mother 3 came out two years ago (only in Japan) the fans went nuts, but many couldn't enjoy the story. Two years later, they can. And I gotta tell you that it's TOTALLY worth it.

I have never played Earthbound although I have gotten a NES cartridge of the original Mother game for the NES through NES Reproductions. It had an English patch, but it was too "grinding" to play and enjoy.

This one is a bit of grinding as well, but the story is so deep and interesting... and ADULT that you get lost in it. You want to know more. I cannot suggest enough you finding the ROM of the game *cough*HERE*cough* and downloading the patch. Oh, and here's a really decent emulator.

Saturday the 18th I performed my first birthday party as a magician. I didn't charge for it (for one, because it was for my good friend Mike Ruch's son James... and two, because I'm not good enough to charge yet) but it gave me a LOT of insight to performing for children.

I think it went well, and what I heard from my wife (who was surprisingly well enough to be there for about an hour... she's been really sick) the kids liked it.

It was nerve racking, but I think it was passable. I can definitely see why children's magicians do a 20 minute act, though... MAN what a tough crowd. I also see why many of them do extra stuff as well (doing balloon animals afterward) to account for their fee.

One kid really surprised me, though. He was an older boy and hung out with the "older" kids. He had short blonde hair and while he was with the "cooler" crowd, when the other older kids went off on their bikes... he stayed and played with the little kids. It really impressed me and he was really nice to everyone during the whole afternoon. Really impressed me.

And here's how to take scratches off of CDs and DVDs using toothpaste, peanut butter, soda pop, and baking soda...


Mike said...

FYI, the older kid was my nephew Dillon, who has always been tagged as the 'sensitive kid'. And as a result, he has always been more comfortable with the younger kids than the older ones. It's safer to hang out with the little ones and be the big fish in their pond as it were.

Prof. Noriaki Kakyouin said...

Well, he was a cool kid and was really nice to the younger kids too.

Derek Knight said...

next step: 3 card monte at the bus stop! That's where the monies is, my friend!