Friday, January 25, 2008

Liver & Onions

I know it sounds weird, but I love liver & onions.

I bring this up because at the cafeteria today, they were serving liver & onions. I got there 45 minutes before they closed (they're open from 11:00am to 1:00pm).

They had sold only 3 plates... including me. So they gave me an extra piece.

It was really good. I don't know what people have a problem with. For me, it's "comfort food".

Actually... I wonder if it's because it might be related as "poor-food"? I loved it when my grandmother made it... but we weren't very wealthy either (still aren't).

Hmmm... your thoughts?


Paul said...

Never had it. Probably never will. My grandmother use to force my mother to eat it as a child (and they weren't poor, not rich, but not poor) so she never made it for us.

The whole poor thing, is this in line with your thinking on Spam? My dad enjoys spam (though I don't think he eats it anymore because of his heart), but I don't see the point. Too salty. Yes, I'm being picky.

Mike Ruch said...

We had liver a few times when I was young and I really disliked it, the whole texture/taste thing. Then again there are some emals that I love that very few people like too, like Tongue (not pickled, but just cooked) hmmm...

Max said...

Are you sure it's not simply the silly picky American eater rearing its head again? "Eww," they say, "I'm not going to eat an animal's _organ_. What are we, savages?" When you're raised on a healthy diet of safe processed meats and food products that spend more time in a lab being designed than actually being cooked, it tends to dampen your adventurous spirit.

gacktgirl732 said...

i can't take onions anymore T.T they don't go with my system very well any more, but when i did have some i liked it :) it tasted interesting :)

gacktgirl732 said...

oh, this be Gracie btw :)