Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh Oh Oh... It's magic... you know...

So this Saturday I was asked to perform some magic at my friend Nancy's 20th Birthday party (she's the girlfriend of my good friend Eric). I came in expecting to do some strolling magic while people did other things... bada bing... 45 minutes later take off (did I mention that I was really sick that day and could barely talk without coughing my head off), but the party was quite dull when I got there.

So three beers and an two hours later I finish (barely any coughing and with only one mistake), and everyone's up and chatting and doing party things. I mean I really held their attention for a LONG time. And when I get some of the tricks I had REALLY have been wanting to perform, it'll be a stellar show.

I did a lot of mentalism and a few card tricks... but it was (as is per usual) the small tricks that "killed em". I did a bubble trick, and they really liked that one, and the mentalism book trick was a real winner too.

Afterwards, Eric took me aside and told me that he was really happy with the performance and that I did a great job. Nancy was talking all night about my illusions.

She also requested that next year I do a fire/money trick. She told me I have a year to practice.


On another note, I got ANIMAL CROSSING: CITY FOLK on Sunday and Jen played a bit after I did... and she's interested in playing it some more. That's cool. I also asked if she would be interested in doing a review with me this week and she agreed to that too. That's cool.

I'm still sick and STILL COUGHING but I am taking medication. And the medication makes my head not feel so stuffed up, but I am still hacking and coughing.


But I have my Animal Crossing.



Derek Knight said...

have you played the LIttle Big Planet? FUCKIN' A, that game made me laugh. You're going to Freak Train this month, aren't you? AREN'T YOU!?

I did a jumping card trick today. I'll show you it.

Heather said...

Derek's right about LBP - fun game! Collin just pointed out City Folk tome today - I'll have to try that one!!

Cough, cough, go away - you've been coughing for too long....GET BETTER!!!