Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Death Note: The Live Action version/Two night showing

Spent $22 for two tickets to see Death Note in the theatres last night. It was terrible.

I walked out 25 minutes into it. I have only EVER walked out of 2 movies before: "Saving Private Ryan" and now this one.

Now, I went to see it in theatres when I was in Japan and enjoyed it, and I own the DVD... so WHY was it so terrible this go-around?

1) FU*KING anime schoolgirls can't shut their FU*KING mouths while the movie was going on
2) The movie was dubbed into English
3) The movie was POORLY dubbed into English
4) The movie was poorly dubbed into English by the people who dub the voices (and ruined) the tv anime version of the story.
5) Someone brought a FU*KING BABY into the theatre.

I don't know if I can go to a movie theatre again. This happens every time. EVERY time and it has gotten old real fast.

So looks like I'm going to have to wait and see Batman, Prince Caspian, Harry Potter 6, and everything else when they come out on DVD because I DAMN sure well NOT going to go to a theatre and wait from that jackass behind me to shut up talking, for the morons in front of me to turn off (and close) their cell phones, and for that gawd-daym woman to take her FU*KING CHILD out of the theatre.

My sincere apologies to my friend Dale whom went with me and was very calm during the whole thing and elected to stay to see it out. I apologize profusely.


Gracie said...

that's too bad... perhaps we could have seen eachother there :P i was going to go too with my guy, but on the way there, out of no where, my whole world started spinning clockwise for me... literally. and the fact that i was driving did not make it any better :( Mom, and so do i, thinks that im starting to show signs of hypoglycemia that runs in my family..... so if that didn't happen to me we might have gotten to see eachother :/ sorry it sucked for you though..