Friday, April 25, 2008

There are no heroes left in man

A video from the Protomen album. I have it if anyone would like to borrow it. Or you could buy one from It's a great album.

And yes, it's TOTALLY based off of the Nintendo "MegaMan" series.

I really love how they changed the robots to look so much darker

Cut (Cutman)
Guts (Gutsman)
Elec (Elecman)
Bomb (Bombman)
Fire (Fireman)
Ice (Iceman)
Proto (Protoman)

Some other great fan-made videos using the Protomen songs and the movie

And finally, a fun home-made trailer...

"If these people
tell this story
to their children
as they sleep
Maybe someday
we'll see a hero
who's just a man
who knows he's free.


Paul said...

Casshern makes sense.