Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cool game alert!

If you like Baseball, I have a treat for you.

I found a game that is pretty spiffin' cool, and uses your baseball cards (as long as they have stats on the backs) to "play baseball". And get this: it's easy and it's LESS THAN $5!

It's called the "All-Star Baseball Card Game" and it's put out by ABCGame Company. It's non-collectible because, as said before, it uses regular-ol baseball cards!

I bought 3 copies of the game since it was so cheap to give to my friend Derek and Paul (and one for myself). Paul and I are play-testing it with a game here at work (well, during our breaks).

A single inning can last as long as 3 minutes. 5 minutes if you're on a streak.

For $5 you get rules that fit on both sides of a single piece of paper (with good clear rules and examples), 2 dice (a 12 and 10 sider), and a box to hold either a "team" of 10 cards/rules/and the dice... or a bunch of cards (with the dice fitting in your pocket and the rules in your wallet). Really, all the guys are selling are the rules.

Unlike some other games that use cards but ignore the player stats, the baseball card stats actually matter here. There may be times where a bit of math is involved, but it's VERY elementary math and (especially if you're a baseball fan) you know how to do it already.

Basically, one player gets their pitcher ready, and the other person chooses their lineup. Then you roll dice. According to the numbers you both rolled (and according to the stats on the back of the cards) you either hit the ball and advance, foul, or are struck out.

Sound simple? It is.

I can't go into detail without telling you the rules, but if you are a baseball fan, I would buy this game. The company is good about communication (within 2 days) and good about shipping (I got the game within 7 days of my order). And shipping for 3 games was inexpensive as well ($3).

I'm writing about this because I want you all to support independent game makers. And for just $5, it's really worth it.

Now, for you FOOTBALL guys, they have a FREE Football game, but it's a bit more complicated. The main Football page is HERE.


Michael said...

Hi Justin,
We appreciate the comments. Note a correction to the Pitching Chart.
When calculating the Pitching Value for ERA, the correct formula should be:


Currently, we are not selling the Tabletop Football Game. The game is similar to Statis Pro Football, however, significant improvements were made to improve the statistical accuracy and strategy of the game. We hope to be able to reintroduce the game in the future.

Michael at ABCGame Company