Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lots of good things!

So I have a magic teacher! My uncle Jim Burkhart is helping me with my magic. This is very exciting because I have been practicing very hard and it appears to be paying off. Hopefully I won't let him down.

Jim and I have had a history that hasn't always been the best... but when I mentioned to him that I was studying magic and if he could teach me some things when he gets the chance... his eyes lit up and he was very happy to help.

I think he knows me well enough to know that when I put my mind to something that I REALLY go for it and do my best. I appreciate that of him.

I better do well because he gave me a BEAUTIFUL gift of a book (from his own library, may I add) on card fans and flourishes called "Card Fantasies" by Edward G. Love from 1964~! Not only that, I thought I was just going to borrow it... but then he signed it to me!

For me, that book is now more precious than gold.

I better study on my fans then, eh?

If any of you are interested in magic, may I HIGHLY suggest! Brad Christian is an EXCELLENT video-trainer.

More good things is that we filmed the 4th Ludus Challenge and Shuuki's working on it.

I should have the intro to my new video series "Import Impressions" up soon as well.

My father-in-law is taking Jen and I to the mountains next weekend! It'll be great to do stuff with him.

And Spam-a-rama's coming up soon too! Gotta try to think of something to make. Did stuffed bell-peppers last year (that turned out well), and tacos ("Spacos") the year before (both used ground Spam)... gotta think of something good.

And lastly, I still have my job. Well, for the rest of the year at least. WHEW! Dodged THAT bullet!


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