Friday, April 25, 2008

There are no heroes left in man

A video from the Protomen album. I have it if anyone would like to borrow it. Or you could buy one from It's a great album.

And yes, it's TOTALLY based off of the Nintendo "MegaMan" series.

I really love how they changed the robots to look so much darker

Cut (Cutman)
Guts (Gutsman)
Elec (Elecman)
Bomb (Bombman)
Fire (Fireman)
Ice (Iceman)
Proto (Protoman)

Some other great fan-made videos using the Protomen songs and the movie

And finally, a fun home-made trailer...

"If these people
tell this story
to their children
as they sleep
Maybe someday
we'll see a hero
who's just a man
who knows he's free.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba

So, here's the thing.

I was at home... you know... minding my own business... looking neither to the right nor to the left...

When I turned on Nick Jr. You know, like ya do.

And I saw this:

And I got scared. Very very scared. But the really scary thing was that, like a car wreck, I-couldn't-stop-watching-the-damn-show! And I liked it.

So there's this new show in TV called "Yo Gabba Gabba". It's a kids show that's half H.R. Puffinstuff and Pee Wee's Playhouse. And it's done by several former members of the Aquabats. So you know it's gonna be weird and fun.

The San Fransisco Chronicle wrote this:

"Monday's pilot features Elijah Wood teaching kids a dance. How they'd get Frodo Baggins from "Lord of the Rings"? Producer Justin Lyons saw him at an Aquabats show and gave him a tape. Wood called the next day to sign up. Not only did he do the shoot at far below his going rate, but he also hung around the set all day. The reason may be simple.

"It's cooler to have fun and be a kid," Schultz said. "I mean who wouldn't still want to be a kid? I'd love to be able to take a nap and sleep all day."

I thought nothing of it. In fact I forgot about it... until this weekend when I walked into "Hot Topic" and saw Yo Gabba Gabba t-shirts.

Lots of them.

Scared... so very scared...

Happy Earth-Day everyone!

What did the Earth Day faerie bring you this year? And did you remember to fill your galoshes with coleslaw and put out a cream soda for old Saint Percival? You know he loves his cream soda, and he might just leave you a sink-full of glass bottles that you can take to the store for a nickel each! (offer not valid in 51 of the 50 states)


Ok. Sarcasm aside, I was commissioned to make the store for the Gorilla in the Greenhouse flash-comic... and I actually learned something: that North Pacific Gyre S-U-C-K-S!

So check it out.

Anyways, I have been very busy setting up and running a Passover Seder at my friend Stephan's house. We had a great time and ate WAY too much food and drank WAY too much cheap wine.

Then I have been working on the above mentioned web-store as well as the web-store for my good friend Jonathan Mann ( That one isn't up yet, but it should be soon.

I also worked on a video (with Shuuki) for Jonathan Mann's series "An OverAll Mystery". You can watch the other episodes HERE. Then you can watch MY video HERE. Jonathan really liked it.

Other than that, I haven't had two seconds to do almost anything else. But now that I have more free time, I'll be posting more.

I'm also going to have a new video series about importing games on my YouTube area come the end of the week.

And thanks to all you well-wishers when I was sick. I appreciate it.

OH! And I got a new TV for the downstairs. YAY! This is a nice one too.

And with my recent game purchases, I'm only missing 20 of the 153 Wii Virtual Console games for the NES and Famicom. I have been trying to collect as many as I could in cartridge form. Lolo 2 was just too expensive, so I broke down and got it on Virtual Console... but that's ok. It's a great puzzle game.

* Wii gun with Link's Crossbow Training
* Blades of Steel (NES)
* City Connection (Famicom)
* Pachio Kun (Famicom)
* Star Luster (Famicom)
* Tennis (Famicom)
* Operation Wolf (NES)
* Valkere no Bouken Tokino Kogi Densetsu (Famicom)
* Ganbare Goemon: Karakuri Densetsu (Famicom)
* Makai-Mura (Famicom)
* Wrecking Crew (Famicom)
* Zack & Wiki (Wii)
* MLB Power Pros (Wii)
* Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GameCube)
* Adventures of Lolo 2 (Wii Virtual Console)

Friday, April 04, 2008


Yup... I has been sick. Very sick. Sleeping all day sucks because then I'm not really that tired that evening...

well... tired of COUGHING!

But I am on the anti-bio-ticks (I don't know why they put bionics on ticks... and what they're anti... but MAN they work happy good)!

To use a term from The Angry Video Game Nerd:

Bronchitis "sucks monkeyf**k.


I have been able to do two things: 'Jack' and 'Squat'. Poor Jen is probably at her wit's end with me, but she sure hasn't shown it. She's been awesome.

So, some things I have been meaning to blog about:

1) GameJew has asked me to help with his new website's music-buying area. I'm truly honored. When I get better I will finish it... but until then, get your 'tuchas' on over to for some great music by my friend Jonathan a.k.a. GameJew.

2) Happy birthday to my friend Heather Knight. Little Max is very handsome.

3) I just got word from another High School (well, actually junior high and high school) friend Saundra Green. I'm so glad too. I have really been hoping all was going well with her. I have missed her friendship.