Tuesday, November 04, 2008

November 4, 2008

So this is how I voted. I put a short bit about what the bill was about... or what I thought about the bill and why I voted that way.

If you have a question or would like to ask why I voted a specific way, feel free to post here.

All my voting was done ignoring the ads on TV and done from my own research. I am currently a registered Republican (soon to be registered Independent) and so I could care less about 'Republicans' or 'Democrats' as I vote for the best person and not with a 'party'.

I will [u]never[/u] (however) vote "Green" and I plan on making the biggest "carbon footprint" I can until this term is out of fashion to use. Eff-off to all you "greenies".

47, 49, and 54 were lumped together in a big push "against"... but I think (having worked for many unions in my time) that 47 SHOULD be passed. I hated paying Union fees and having them breathing down my neck as to how "well" I was performing... "slow down... you make everyone else look bad" kinda thing... which WAS said to me twice.


President - Obama
Senator - Udall
Congress - Bidlack
District 10 - Whitley
District 16 - Flores
Dist. Atty. - May
All Judges - No (I always vote 'no' on all the Judges)

46 - No (Discrimination)
47 - Yes (people shouldn't be FORCED into Unions)
48 - No (People are not people at conception. Puh-lease! They are a mass of cells.)
49 - No (Payroll deductions)
50 - No (gambling)
51 - No (Tax increase... no)
52 - No
53 - No (Businesses can choose for themselves thank you very much!)
54 - No (Campaign Contributions)
55 - Yes (Cause to fire someone)
56 - No (health care... once again, these are big people)
57 - No (safe workplace... SHEESH!)
58 - No (tax increase)
59 - No (government power)
L - No (people should have some time under their belts... so no to lowering ages to 21)
M - Yes (Consider law outdated)
N - Yes (Consider law outdated)
O - No (No, bills should be difficult to create. Leave the amount of signatures needed as is)
1A - No (Tax increase)
200 - Against (billing)
201 - Against (payments)
3E - No (tax increase)

My good friend Jonathan "GameJew" Mann posts this from California.

These people make me sad for the world. Why can't people just love? Why is there so much intolerance? This and people who are close-minded really have been ruining my week.

"The Bible is a book. It's a good book. But it's not the only book!"
--Inherit the Wind


Mike said...

Yay for voting!

MJames said...

I registered Independent when I turned 18 just so I wouldn't be on any party's mailing list. So far it's worked. I prefer to vote by PERSON, not party.