Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why I am excited about the NINTENDO REVOLUTION

I am a Nintendo slave. Yes, I love the company. Company loyalty, if you want to call it that... even though I never really worked for them. I am one of those who say "BAH!" to the X-Cube 360... I say "Pffft!" to the PS3... I say "Nay!" to the PSP... no, I have tiny Mario and Luigis (well, and Warios too) in my blood... (no really! It freaked out several nurses at Memorial Hospital one time while giving blood!).

So, why am I excited about the new console known as The Revolution?
6) The controller is, as the kids say, SICK!
5) No. Really. It's too groovy for it's own good!
4) It'll be cheaper than the X-Box 360 core system... IN YOUR FACE, GATES! EAT IT!
3) You can download games from previous Nintendo consoles!
Nintendo announced at E3 2005 that Revolution would be able to go online wirelessly and download classic Nintendo games. Nintendo has not yet announced what titles will be available for download. However, it has confirmed that Revolution owners could theoretically download every NES, Super-NES and Nintendo 64 game ever made. The publisher is reportedly already working with third party publisher to ensure that popular third party games are also available to download.

At E3 2005, Shigeru Miyamoto said: "We have not set a price or determined a list of software for the Nintendo Revolution download service. But, we're looking at this as a consumer service and not so much from the business end. What we want to do is provide the product that is going to make the Revolution the console that people want in their homes. So it actually might be driven from the consumer end rather than from us. You know, the games that they most want might be the ones that we do. From a technological point, we can do any of them. It's just, we haven't determined which ones we'll do yet."
2) Everyone can play it... even the handicapped.
1) America, NOT Japan, will get it FIRST!!!


I was watching MTV2 this morning before I went to work and who should I see at #5 but the hasidic reggae singer MATISYAHU! COOL! Finally I can say that I was a fan of SOMETHING before it became popular!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Making Life // Illustration Friday

Well, i'm back on the ball. I'm gonna be (hopefully) updating the Making Life page every week. There's a website called 'Illustration Friday' that sends ideas every week and then posts your link to your image that i'm gonna use. I'm going to be posting it here and at Making Life.

So now that i'll get weekly subject matter I think I can give it a shot. It'll probably be in a different format (perhaps one large panel) but it'll be good to draw a web-comic on a regular basis again... and a great challenge to make the topic fit 'Go/Baduk somehow.

Be posting this week's topic (glamour) before Thursday.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Ever see AKIRA?

Someone made a WORKING BIKE!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

This is the sequel to 'The Gamers'. A great movie... I own it. You must see it if you have ever EVER role-played.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Links attack!

Some links from Collin that I forgot to put up last week.

Ten free things to do in Tokyo

Making a wireless GUITAR HERO guitar (got Collin and Heather hooked last week)

PBS presents the Video Game Revolution

Kids in The Hall Blog

Real Insults in Japanese

And then a link or two that I found: JERK IT OUT! (the VERY un-official oriental video)

Truth, Justin, and the American Way (because the hero is always named 'Justin')

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stuff for the new year

Well, Jen and I have been trying to find our niche. We try things and see how they work for us and if they don't, then we pass it off as a learning experience. Well I have decided (with Jen's ok) to drop cable tv. We watch it SO MUCH and I barely read books anymore (something I love) or watch our DVDs... so that'll be gone at the end of the month. I'll miss Comedy Central, Food Network, and wrastling on USA Network, but it's getting pretty dumb right now... so I don't think i'll miss much.

I'll also be doing the 'Illustration Friday' thing. Derek and Collin are doing it so I thought I would put in myself. But, to keep the Go comic going, i'm going to make it 'Go' related and post it on the Making Life area and here (making my wife very happy).

I'm also going to cut out drinking sodas for the whole year. Booze, water, fruit drinks and stuff are still ok, but sodas are out. Hopefully this will help my pocketbook as well as my health.

I'll post more as I think of it. (laughs)

Squirrel PLEASE!

It's like a nut you can play with outside.

Portable carpet

I'm list'ning to cheese!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Who stole the soul?

The question for today: Who stole the soul?
Who turned this special delivery into a box of assorted chocolates?
Sometimes I wish Al was still Green.
Oh, I sound like my momma:
"Boy, put that Teddy Pendergrass on and take off that noise you list'nin to."
And me and Chuck Steel wanna know,
Who took the sunshine and turned it into microwavable popcorn for profit?
And I am by no means anti pop music....
But what blares through my box is hollow.
Do you actually think Marvin would be gay if he heard what I hear through the grapevine?
Empty minded music.
In fact it's so empty that if you glared into an R&B ear,
The only benefit would be the wall on the other side.

The actors sing.
The singers act.
Please choose a career and stick to it, polishing it before moving on.
Sam & Dave would roll over tenfold in their graves
If they knew that their sweet soul music evolved into sour sexual practices.
Young men rushing to prison to prove their manhood lacking father figures.
And this is surely not the same do-wop that Sam Cook and Aretha Franklin mixed with gospel.
Who stole the soul?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I live in two towns now...

Ok. So I have yet another new addiction: Animal Crossing DS! GAH! I hate to love it so!

So I belong to a message board where people plan to meet and exchange gifts and do things in their virtual worlds. Very creepy, but so much fun. One guy even made a banner for me to post so people can know my 'world' information (shown below).

Also, here's some fun comics from VG Cats.