Thursday, February 28, 2008

Zoo, zoo, zoo

So Jen and I took a visit to the Will Rogers Shrine this weekend and really had a blast. We also visited the zoo on a very blustery day and got to feed the giraffes, pet bunnies, and search for the otters (which have been relocated, I guess).

The Budgie Buddies exhibit was a GREAT let-down as the "feeding sticks" are just popsicle sticks with about (not exaggerating) 10 pieces of seed glued to the end. And, regardless of what the commercial shows you, you cannot go 'amongst them'. There are more birds in Memorial park than there were there. BIG let-down.

But Jen and I are planning on doing a "Colorado Thing" every month. Will be fun. I'll post pics of our zoo excursion tonight.

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