Friday, July 08, 2005

We all hold something in...

I just read what Collin posted on his blog and felt the need to post here as well. His experience is far worse than I have felt... but when I did hate... I hated well.

To begin with, may I say that I believe, in part, of the ancient Egyptian idea that if you wipe a person's name from history they will cease to exist. Names have some sort of power. So I don't mention his name. I called him my 'nemesis' at one time because he really was the Moriarty to my Holmes. We were SO similar it was just wrong. We liked the same things, did similar acts, and had similar thoughts. He just went down a path I could have... but didn't.

I had a nemesis.

I'm a firm believer in freudenschade. I love it. I, sometimes, never feel better than when someone who deserves to feel pain... does. And I got to thinking: maybe that's why I pity my "ex-nemesis". I have used the help and support given to me without spitting it back into the faces of my family and friends. I am on my feet debt free. I have a great wife. I have a house. I have a great job. And he?

He's really having a bad time in his life right now: can't hold a job down, lives from place to place, is poorer than shite, people that once trusted him now dis-PISE him, his cleptomania is getting the better of him and he's falling down and down... and his lies no longer work to protect him. Very bad things.

A nemesis is someone who just keeps on hurting you. Now, he can't even take care of himself enough to pay his collecting bills and mounting debts.

Heh. Good.

I'm not angry anymore, though. I just feel pity. Freudenschade and pity.