Sunday, July 03, 2005

Grand Opening: August 1st 2005

So in anticipation of the new Jojo website i'm making, for those of you who visit me, I am going to show you bits of what I have planned for!

I will have hidden links to interviews and downloads complete with 'stone-grinding' sounds when you depress a link. I will also have the 'Steel Ball Run' (the newest comic) site as a newspaper from 1890 written as though a reporter was following the race... complete with authentic ads from the 1800's.

These pages will change and merge as I get closer to the August 1st deadline so please feel free to leave your comments and visit the areas every week to see what has changed. I will be adding these links to the sidebar on Monday.

Link #1: Index-2003 (this is what I was thinking of in August of 2003 when I knew I wanted to change the front page)

Link #2: Wall 8 (this is what I mocked up last year with 'egyptian images' of Noriaki Kakyouin and Jonathan Joestar holding Dio's head)

Link #3: Jojo 7 (This is the main link to the current story of 'Steel Ball Run')

Link #4: Gyro Zepelli (This is a mock-up of the character pages. This will change greatly in the next few weeks)