Thursday, July 07, 2005

She got me!

Long story short, I told my wife how I saw a skunk and her two babies down on Colorado and 14th. I thought they were so cute and she said that she wanted one. I told her it's be ok if their stink gland was removed. She said 'really?' and I said, "Yeah, why not? But where are you gonna find one?"

"EBAY!" she exclaimed.

'Yeah, right...' I thought.

So today she sends me a screenshot from ebay...


It was hard to believe because of the image having so many problems (my trained artistic eye): lines cut off, black patches near the title, out-of-sync words and letters... but it was the text description got me thinking that maybe it was real and the weird distortions is her computer or something (me being nieve). But why would ebay allow this? You're not supposed to sell live creatures on ebay. I sent her an email asking her if she really wanted to drive to Arkansas I was all for getting it (wow... am I a sucker!).

I called a co-worker over to my computer and showed her the image. She asked if there was more about it, so I went to ebay and typed in the ebay item number...

ZING! ARGH!!! She got me!

Funny thing is that she did this joke all by herself, art and all. She never ceases to amaze me. I really am lucky to have such a cool wife.

Now I plot my revenge (laughs)