Friday, July 01, 2005

Another quiz because I have nothing else for all you happy people on a busy Friday afternoon

Stolen from Heather (thank you Heather)
A - Age you lost your virginity? - 15

B - Band listening to right now? - Billy Corgan

C - Dream car? - one that works...

D - Dad's name? - by birth: Craig Vincent Patrick, from raising/loving me: Dale Wheeler Carmical.

Dale ('Papa' as I called him) is really my grandfather, but he raised me when I lived with them from 1983-2000. He was like a father to me and we did all the dad-son sorts of things we could. Scouts, fighting, fishing, fighting, woodworking, fist-fighting (well, almost), metalsmithing, fighting... He was my biggest fan: he would go into my room when I was out, get my drawings and sketches, and show them to his neighbor friends to 'show-off'... THAT'S how cool he was.

Late in 2000 I wrote a letter to him, told him how much I missed him and 'Mamie' (Elsie: my grandmother)... told him how I felt and asked him if I could call him 'Dad' from now on since he is really more like a father to me than like a grandfather. I was afraid he would say no.

When I talked to them later that week. I said 'hello'... and he replied 'Hello, son' (he never called me that or anything similar before). And ever since then I called him 'Dad' and he called me 'Son'. It bothers my mom (she's nervous about the 'incestuous' undertones it 'might' have), but I don't care.

He's my 'Dad' by choice not by birth, everyone knows it, and I'm damn lucky to have known him. He was an awesome guy. I miss him an awful lot.

E - Easiest person to make me laugh? - Forrest Oates

F - Food you miss most? - Simply because Heather mentioned it: Chick-Fil-A

G - Any encounters with ghosts? - In Florida I encountered LOTS of encounters. The one that most comes to mind was when I woke up and heard a family come into the house. I heard a dog running around and ran into the door (as excited dogs will do). So I decided to get up. I put on my pants and opened the door... the house was empty. Nobody was in since the previous night!

H - Person most hated at the moment? - Nobody. I used to hate a guy (called him my 'nemesis' because he so much like me if I had been... well... evil) but now I just pity him. I NEED A NEW NEMESIS!

I - Interesting unknown fact about yourself? - I masturbate more than anyone else in the universe.

J - The first letter of the last person who broke your heart? - "L"

L - Last time you did LSD? - Never did LSD. Smoked my last weed in 2002, though.

M - Most memorable moment you can think of in a minute? - My 33rd Birthday. Being with all my friends and family that evening was one of the best nights of my entire life.

N - Nicknames? - 'J-Man', 'J', Prof. Noriaki Kakyouin (someone dubbed me that in an email), and 'rabbi'

O - What's the most valued possession? - My wife and then my friendships. Physically: my Jojo manga collection, but physical items can be replaced. Thank you ebay!

P - Poison of choice? - Collin introduced me to this on my 21st birthday and it's been my staple ever since: Vodka Collins.

Q - The last quote you heard: "TGIF." - Last Friday on ABC

R - What are you allergic to? - Poultry (eaten), fish (eaten), animal dander (breathed). I take Benedril for the eaten stuff and Claritin and Sudafed for the dander.

S - Song you sang last? - "The Impression That I Get" at karaoke.

T - Time you woke up? - 6:55am

U - Fav. pair of underwear? - Whatever my wife is wearing right now. (wink). OH ON ME?!?! Oh... I don't have a pair. I just started wearing them again recently.

V - Vegetable you hate most? - Pickled beets.

W - What are you the most afraid of? - Spiders

X - X-rated love life? - Well, let me just say that I got a 33% on the last purity test I took (lower % is worse).

Y - Year you were born? 1971

Z - Zodiac sign? Aries