Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Well, in the latest edition (August 2005/#32) of Shonen Jump, at least.

The manga translation offers the first chapter of the book (that comes out next month) in this edition. So far I was worried about the translation and editing, but I must say that they have done a very decent job at translating and making it SOUND like it hasn't been translated while keeping true to the text. They shortened a bit of the dialogue, but it flows nicely and gets the point across well. For an English translation I was expecting something different, but this... this is ok.

In the book that will come out next month... Noriaki Kakyouin makes his appearance. This is my favorite character from the series and you'll be able to see why I use 'his' name.

I am SO excited about this, you cannot even imagine. Some people have been following rock stars and get absolutely giddy when they see them, even from far away. Other people feel that way about places and animals. For me, it's this manga. I have been patiently waiting since 1989 (the first time I read it in the Japanese Shonen Jump Weekly) for this time. It's just a book, I know... but it's MY book! JOJOOOOOO!