Monday, July 11, 2005

Go cat, Go

Ok. Bad pun. But I have a lot of friends who are getting into the wonderful 4000 year old game of Go and I want to send them to some groovy sites.

*Interactive Go: This is the first site I send anyone who wants to learn how to play Go. This site teaches the rules and basic smart moves.

*Dragon Go Server: A play-by-email Go site. Great for playing from work or from home. I'm on as 'noriaki_kakyouin'. Let me know when you have signed up.

*Springs Go Club: The Colorado Springs Go Club. We meet Wednesdays and Thursdays.

*AGA: The American Go Association.

*CGoban 2: This can not only read SGF Go files that you can download but you can also play live online games.

*Gobase: This is one of the epicenters of the Go community. You can download many games here to review and replay. Also find out what's going on in the Go world as a whole.

*The Magic of Go: A weekly article written to help teach some essentials of Go. It can be confusing, but it is informative.

and lastly
*Hikaru no Go games: Hikaru no Go is a great Japanese manga that has gotten many new people to enjoy Go. It is currently being translated by VIZ comics into English and is available for $7.95 in good bookstores around town. The artist used actual games from history as the games Hikaru and the group would play. This site has found most of the games as SGF files and has them available for download.

I have the entire series as .jpg scanlations if you want a copy.