Friday, July 22, 2005

Phrickin' Phriday Photoblog

Derek does it. Heather does it. Collin sometimes does it. So I think i'll do it to. What is it? Falling in love? NO!


This week's theme? My beautiful wife. If you click on the images it will get bigger for you.

My friend Max and I made an entry for a Go contest sponsored by the AGA. We didn't win (I have NO clue why) but Jen posed for us.

This is Jen holding a monkey at a safari in Arkansas.

Heh... I said monkey.

This is my favorite. This is our 'first anniversary' tea at the 'Cat Bird Seat' in downtown Colorado Springs. We shared it with our best man and maid of honor Forrest and Nancy Oates. Jen and I dressed up as Alice and the Mad Hatter. I bought that tea pot for her anniversary gift.

This was her under the archway at the Cat Bird Seat.

She got her hands henna-ed at the Ren Faire last weekend, and they came out wonderfully. I took these so I could do it next time. She asked if they would take anything off since she only has 9 fingers. He laughed and took $5 off. WOO HOO!

A close-up version.

And this is what she wore to the Ren faire. She was a pixie! A very cute pixie... a very VERY cute pixie.