Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Link, link everywhere a link. Blockin' out the webpages, breaking my mind. Go here, don't go there, can't you see the link.

Well I was working hard on linkage for the front page and I learned SO much. Like the fact that even though you may put several images in a row... they won't necessarilly be flush side-by-side.

Took me 45 minutes to find out why I kept on getting 4 pixels in between each image. Wow. HTML is a tricky sister! But I got it and all the links beautiful and good. My friend Brad is gonna help me get the white space gone-gone and that'll mean it'll be all done for the NEW front page!

Try out the links. There's 10. Can you find them all? Go ahead... try them out! It is supposed to look like stone being pushed into the wall.

Next, i'm gonna work on the second page I need to do SOMETHING with. JOJO-7. This link sends people to the Steel Ball Run pages and shows how much race has been run. What I have so far... I hate. So now it's off to thinking what would look good.