Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rev. Tim McIntire

Ok. So when I began to live with my grandparents in 1983, we had a couple of neighbor boys whom my grandmother wanted me to play with. They thought that since I was an idiot (well, back in those days I was...) it might be fun to tease me sometimes. And I took it... because they were nice to me sometimes. We were kids... One was named Tim McIntire. He was a pretty funny guy.

The biggest tease was them letting me into their (cough) "club". Now, I didn't know what an 'anus' was... and so when I was being 'initiated into the "Royal Tiger's Anus Club" I had no clue... enough said... you get the idea.

Anyhoo... I was listening to the internet comedy station and heard this really funny guy and sure as $HIT it was Tim. Come to find out he's a big comedy guy in Boston now and is doing pretty well.

I just wanted to post his website here because he's a former-local funny funny guy whom I happen to have been personally a 'friend' of (smile). Good to see that he's doing well.