Friday, May 06, 2005

Classic Animation... now that's what i'm talkin' about

Was just flipping through the channels the other night and I happened across some animation that was absolutely stunning. It was called "The Adventures of Prince Achmed" and it was a pioneering animated feature film from 1926... and it was all done with hand cut-out silhouettes.

It reminded me so much of the game "The Fool's Errand" by Cliff Johnson that I went back to one of his interviews and, sure enough, he cited the film as a great inspiration.

As much as I enjoyed seeing the Animation Festival last month, and all the new animation techniques... I would really pay money to see an animation festival that shows the old stuff: Adventures of Prince Achmed, Destino (Salvador Dali and Walt Disney's joint project)... you know... cutting edge stuff when it really WAS cutting edge.

Also, on a short note, 'The Fool's Errand' is a fan-TAS-tic game and is a must play... and a FREE download! It really sucked me in and I cannot wait until July 5th when he brings out "The Fool and His Money". I am gonna pre-order my copy with this next paycheque... are you?