Thursday, May 05, 2005

My wonderful Mom

With mother's day coming up, I wanted to tell you how much i'm proud of my mom.

This year, we have had to deal with a very stressful subject. Breast cancer. The type was a slow growing cancer and, with radiation treatment, 100% curable. She's halfway through the treatment but it's making her very tired. She's gonna make it though, and i'm very greatful.

She also got a great new 9-5/M-F job. FINALLY! A steady paycheque will do her good and the benefits will be even better for her.

My mom raised me from when I was born until I was 12. Then I went to live with my grandparents while she finished school and worked in Boulder/Denver. I missed her, but it was for the best... we were too stressed, I was a latch-key kid, I was failing school... it was tough.

But, through it all, my mom was the person that I get my morals and ethics from. She raised me, and taught me to be who I am. I thank my lucky stars every day that I have the mother I have. She came to almost every school/extra-curricular activity I was in even if she couln't really afford to be there.

I'm very proud of my mother. I know some people have a hard time with their moms, and sometimes I do too (I get my ((cough)) COLORFUL language from her too ((gasp!)) ), but I consider her not only my mother, but my friend as well.

Some people don't have their moms around anymore. Some have decided to never talk to them ever again, and some have forgotten. I am happy that I have the relationship I do with my mom.

Happy Mothers day to all you moms out there.

"Mother, I hope you know that I miss you so.
Time has ravaged all my soul... to wipe a mother's tears grown cold."
---Billy Corgan