Thursday, May 05, 2005

Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Been thinking about the people in my life who are no longer. I don't know why. You ever do that? Think of your best friend in sixth grade and try to look for them on GOOGLE or something... but then you get 2,000 results? And then when you add one defining word to your search you get nothing?

Well, I got a few links, but now it's the question of whether or not you should try to contact them. It's been a while.

Why is Dan Fogelberg's song " SAME OLD LANG SYNE " coming into my brain? AGH! GET IT OUT! GETITOUTNOOOOOW!!! Don't... (snif) don't wanna cry...


And on a happier note, I have really been enjoying my 'birthday DVDs'. I got "EDDIE IZZARD: CIRCLE" and "Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT Season 2" and they're both fantastic. The 'Bullshit' series is like a real-man's Michael Moore show without Michael/without being so biassed with facts/and with Penn & Teller. And the Eddie Izzard DVD is... well... classic Eddie Izzard. This one doesn't have the 'bee keeper' monologue, but it's just as funny. And, I must say, he walks better in stelettos than most women I know. And I had no idea that he speaks flawless French. The DVD has a part where he does his act in Paris... it's very cool.