Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Eclectic Music Choices

When people ask me what kind of music I like I tell them everything... to a point. And I really mean it. It's actually more of a 'how long can you tolerate this kind of music' thing. I let almost every song I her for the first time get 1:45 of my time. If I REALLY hate it then i'll turn it otherwise i'll give anything a chance.

Well, since Collin put up his post last night I have been thinking about strange music groups. Not strange in a Weird-Al strange... or even necessarilly an Aquabats strange... a few of these are real serious groups. Maybe 'indy' would be a better term. Here's a few of my favorites. To follow a link, click on their names.

* Matisyahu - Hassidic Jewish reggae

* The Postal Service - Indy Emo moog

* Panjabi MC - Panjab/Asian Indian Hip-Hop

All three are very good listens. I would encourage you all to try them out.