Monday, May 16, 2005

cough cough cough

Got a really funny video today from Nancy. It's the song "TORN" for the deaf.


Seeing the doctor today at 4:15pm to hopefully get rid of this throat virus thingy before too long. MAN, this has been annoying!

Also, I have more images for Noriaki Kakyouin to the side. Found out that they do not sell the Garnier Manga Head gunk here in the USA... but a similar item that the lady at Garnier told me about is their 'Surf Hair' goo-stuff. So i'll be getting some of that and some images up of me as Noriaki soon hopefully.

And lastly, speaking of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, VIZ comics is putting them out here in America this year as part of their "Shonen Jump Advanced" series! YAH! Now you all can read the actual mangas and see why I call Jojo's Bizarre Adventure my favorite manga story since 1989 when I first read it! If nothing else, go to the sidebar and visit my Jojo fansite to read a bit more about it.