Monday, January 22, 2007

Zelda II: 12 Hours 40 Minutes

Ok. I must say that this game is not that bad. Now, let me justify that claim.

The bugger of this game is the fighting and leveling up system. I felt like I had to get to a 6 attack just to have a chance at killing anything. Later on, I found a great leveling up place in the East continent and got to all '8' stats... and I feel like NOW i'm able to enjoy the game... like it's a challenge now and not a nightmare.

It's a shame that a game should feel too tough for so long. Even 7 hours into it I felt like I needed to crush the game in my hands. Bleh.

But now, I'm starting to get into the groove of things and that I can appreciate the game for how it was intended to be. And even at the maximum of an 8 attack doesn't overpower you over the bosses. They're still quite the challenge, and it's still frustrating... but a good frustrating now, and not the ARGH frustrating it was.

I'm making notes like mad, drew a map of the maze-island, and have been logging paths through the palaces. So far, I have mapped the fifth palace and am set to fight its boss tonight. After that, there's one palace left and the final foe (I think).

So far, the first two games have been really enjoyable but kinda' lax on storyline. But, then again, they were NES games before Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy made their marks. Yes, a good frustrating indeed.