Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh, ROCKY! What a "drag"!

Drag as in "queen". Yup, I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show this previous Saturday night with my wife and my two friends Stephan and Dale. We had a really good time.

See, this was the 20th year that my friend John Eberhardt had been doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and ever since we got back in touch with each other mid-last year I had been meaning to go. Well, now was a great reason to celebrate.

So I got myself a frock at Goodwill, some stockings, some sensible shoes, I had Dale's wife Karen do my makeup... and out we went (the entire time that Karen was doing my makeup, Jen kept on saying "My pretty Justin"... groan).

Stephan, Dale, and my wife both got into the groove as well and went dressed up just in fun outfits. That's the thing about Rocky... you don't have to dress a specific way... just outrageous.

And how was the night for John's 20th anniversary? He was disappointed that his wife and girlfriend (surprised the hell outta me) didn't want to come... but he was REALLY happy that I showed up. He had a fun beginning act before the show started and really enjoyed himself and damn those who thought it went too long.

We'll have to go again sometime soon. Anyone want to come (to the show) with us?

Click the images for bigger... images. John is the one in the middle of the chaos mob with the microphone and the blue eye makeup.