Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Project....

Ok, let me fill you in on what exactly it is... the long way 'round:

There is a Japanese TV video-gaming show called "GameCenter CX". They got a comedian who has not really played video games, give him a retro game (a game everyone loves) and set him in front of a bunch of cameras. He has 24 hours for most games (shot in two runs of 12 hours over 2 days). Now, they cut and paste the thing to run within a 1 hour show... so a lot is cut out.

But the thing is that it's very interesting to watch! He is a funny guy and it's exciting to watch him try to beat something. I find myself wanting to yell out "Left! Left! Nono! Now right! RIGHT!" The producers cut it so that you can see how he gets by tough areas in a game and helps him when he needs help. They shoot it like he's part of a company called 'GameCenter CX' and when he wins several games in a row... they 'promote' him. It's pretty fun.

So I was just telling Max one day how it would be cool for them to bring it to the USA. Then I started telling him about all the games that 'I' haven't played but own... and about my Zelda Challenge. So, the next day, he suggested that we actually DO a series where I play a game I have never played and we record and cut it to fit within a 15 minute (or so) video-podcast.

So recently we recorded me playing a game called Abe's Oddysee, but the audio and video didn't come out like we had planned. So we're going to re-shoot later on using a different game and see how that goes. We'll be shooting some test-runs so we can get better used to the equipment and programs we're using.

Anyways... that's what this project is. In the meantime, here are some stills Max took from the shoot so we can prove we're capable of making dreams come true (laughs).
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Yes, Derek, we will have a product (laughs)