Friday, June 10, 2005

Weekend links

Every Friday Heather and Derek post pics... although Derek is off this week... I post links I found/had forwarded to me. I get quite a few, but I post my favorites. And all the links are work safe.

How to dress EMO - Girls (actually, I think emo, goth lolita, and raver girls are pretty hot). I always think of Collin when I read about his pranks. He has some good pranks. And he's famous for his How Much Is Inside articles.


Flash cartoon
of stick figures getting beat up JOJO's BIZARRE ADVENTURE style! The characters and sounds are from the Jojo video games (the CHEET museum has them if you want to try them next time we have a meeting).

Great online comic about DDR kids.

What do you do when you're in martial arts and you want to show off what you have learned in class... and your friend works at the college art studio? You make a series of short movies! SOCK BABY!
HELLO! The fight scenes are better than those in movies! Hello!

For Heather a-la today's blog.