Friday, June 03, 2005

In search of

As stated previously I am searching for a decent and inexpensive domain site to send people to for my Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fansite. I have been mulling over for a week now, but my friend Collin just sent me a new possibility: Yahoo Small Business.

The email he sent me stated a $4.95 per year special offer from their normal $9.95 per year offer. And, this offer extends for up to 5 years if you want. Meaning that you can choose to do a shorter time and still pay $4.95 per year. When I looked at the 'fine print' it only stated that this offer was for new customers and that a waived sign-up fee is also applicable. The only 'catch' is that you have to pay for your year(s) when you sign up. Not bad. That means that I could pay $24.90 immediately for 5 years of service and not have to pay again for another 5 years. Pretty sweet.

They even got a 4.5 rating on PC Magazine's online customer report page. Not bad. So far this is the best offer I have seen... and it doesn't expire until September. I think this is the plan I will go with.

Collin, HAIL 2 U!


On a side note, my wife writes poetry. I don't "get" a lot of poetry and it is very difficult for me to appreciate what she writes. But she's good. She was part of a NATIONAL poetry thing when she was in High School. The only way to get into it was to be invited. VERY AWESOME.

Well, she wrote a new one on her blog and I really dig it. It's one of the few poems that I think is something I enjoy. I would encourage you all to go to her site and check it out. It's titled 'Fallen'.