Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My wife got me an early Anniversary gift...

I got a Kilt this weekend!

Jen has been asking me what I would like for an anniversary gift, and I haden't a clue. Then, last week (Thursday I think), I had a dream.

I deamt that I wore kilts other than jeans. I had 4 sports kilts (lighter weight kilts), one nice dress kilt (like I got married in), and 1 pair of levis and 1 dress slacks. And I wore kilts all the time.

I woke up and told her that I wanted a sports kilt for our anniversary.

So, we were walking at Territory Days on Sunday and we happened by the Celtic Broker booth. He had sports kilts for $89 and $99. I thought about how much I could spend, and I thought that I had enough. So I start to get my wallet out and then Jen gets out her credit card and tells me "Happy early anniversary". I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

So I have been wearing it everywhere. I wore it all Saturday, Memorial day, and I wore it today to work. It's been very awesome and I will get more and wear them more. Dunno if i'll wear them like I did in the dream (all the time)... we'll see...
Also, my friend Josh is going to California to live for a while and is going to have a Karaoke night on Saturday evening at a bar on Academy and Dublin. I love karaoke.

Normal songs I sing at karaoke bars:
Mac The Knife (always start with this), China Girl, I'm Too Sexy (in a Scottish-accent), Short Skirt/Long Jacket... wow.

I need to get new songs in my repitoire! I would L-O-V-E to find someone who does 'Under Pressure' well enough to do a duet... like David Bowie and Annie Lennox did at the Freddie Mercury benefit concert. AH! I'll never forget the way they did it. Wow.
And congratulations to my good friend Trevor for graduating High-School. I didn't make the ceremony, but I have a graduation gift for him when we have a new CHEET night. He got me the 'Kingdom Hearts' soundtrack for the hollidays... VERY cool. Collin and Trev always get me such nice gifts.