Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's the small things...

So many smallm things have been happening as of late.

First and foremost I have officially purchased "www.Jojopedia.com" for my fansite's new home for the next five years. The official 'GRAND OPENING' will be on August 1st and will feature a new front page and a spiffy new area for Jojo #7 (Steel Ball Run) that i'm working very hard on completing.

Next, MY COMPUTER SHAT ON ME! Yes, I got a virus. I hate those things. This made everything become overclocked and melted my system. Thank you to the turd who sent it to me or put it up for me to download (probably was at a porn site I visited... did I say that with my outside voice?). So I have no computer to finish my site. I may have to ask someone to help me. Click on the link below to pound your computer into the ground!

Continuing in the reign of disaster I fried my wife's computer. This time I wasn't looking for porn (did I say that again out-loud?) but trying to clean her system from viruses and infectuous beasties. Luckilly my friend Brad fixed it all by "wiping it clean by the wrath of Gawd" and having us start from square-one with a computer with nothing on it. WOW! It runs fast now!

I'm thinking of getting a Mac. It was actually the second computer I ever owned (a Mac IISI... my first was a Commidore 64), and I kinda' miss the simplicity. However they are expensive at $500 for a base mini mac... and that doesn't even come with monitor, keyboard or mouse! Whereas a new Dell PC is $299 with everything. Very difficult to decide.

Breaking the 'losing streak', I celebrated my one-year anniversary last night! Wow. Married one year. Time flies.

And lastly, I have found another artist that I like. His name is Kurt Halsey. Check him out. It's interesting... very nice.