Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jojo on the brain/10 things

Man, I have just been eating, breathing, and sleeping Jojo as of late.

For those of you who don't know, 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure' is a Japanese comic/manga that I got into in 1989 when I first started reading weekly Japanese manga before it hit big-time in the mid-90's. I have been passionate about it for quite some time and had a geocities fan-site since 2001 that shut down every day because so many people were visiting it. It even got translated into Italian by an Italian Jojo fan who contacted me.

Now that I have a good job and some tech-know information I transferred my main site to a free.pgs cite with unlimited bandwidth... and i'm updating the heck out of it.

This is really happening because Jojo is FINALLY getting translated into english by VIZ (I think I wrote about this). But I have also been getting offers and offering to host fan translated stuff for the new story (Steel Ball Run) on my new site.

I'm also looking at getting the domain name ''. There's a domain place that offers names for $20 a year... and it looks pretty sweet.

I'm such a Jojo geek at this very moment that I have all my Jojo figures (sigh) at work sitting on the shelf... I feel so much like Napoleon Dynamite right now... GAW! (head turns quickly)
And stealing from Heather is '10 Things you did not know about me'

10)I hate pickled beets. Yes, that red-juiced beet stuff... hate it.

9)I am privaledged enough to have seen all 6 Star Wars movies in the theatre when they first were released.

8)When I write I spell the words colour and armour like this and I cross my 7s and Zs.

7)When I was in 2nd grade I gave a speech on Egyptology to my 2nd grade class (had slides and everything). It went off so well I was asked to give it to the 6th grade class at my elementary school later that week. My mom was going to school for Egyptology and just got back from the Tutankhamun exhibit.

6)I got into anime and manga in 1988.

5)Since I was 16, I have always had a summer job.

4)I have always been the runt of my school. Not a class... the SCHOOL! I had my first 'fight' when I was in 9th grade. I lost, but I fought back (hence it being a 'fight' and not a 'beating' which I am all too familiar with). It was the first time I ever fought back. He was suspended for the rest of the school year (2 weeks) and I wasn't.

3)I was the 'Chaplain' of my troop in my Boy Scout days. I also held the post of 'Scribe', 'Assistant Troop Leader', and 'Troop Leader'. I also got my 'God and Country' award, yet I never achieved rank higher than 'Second Class'.

2)I used to bartend (for 3 months) at Deja Vu in 1994. My grandparents thought I worked at 7-11.

1)I'm pretty honest and open about my past and so it was difficult to find '10 things' to talk about.