Thursday, June 09, 2005

Karaoke dreams

Let me fill you in on a bit of background:

When I decided that I would become a Japanese Language major in college my aunt Ronda gave me some very good advice that I took to heart. It was this: "If you set out to learn something... learn everything you can relating to that subject." So I did. I not only took the classes and got into the history of Japan and took many culture classes, but I hung out at a Japanese video store called MINOWA (it's no longer there at the corner of Murray and Galley). The ladies there were wonderful and helped me learn a lot. They introduced me to games, tv shows, colloquialisms, and (most importantly) music.

I listened to many groups now considered J-Pop and many of the classics. I bought lots of CDs and have my favorites. I dreamt of singing them at karaoke someday.


My friend Derek owns his own karaoke set-up and, as I mentioned last week, I love karaoke. So he sent me a website to visit that I can buy Japanese karaoke disks from.

I am writing because almost every single song I loved is at this store. Anzen Chitai, Lindberg, Chage & Aska, The Boom, Kome Kome Club, X-Japan, and Koji Tamaki, Spitz... they're all there and so much more.

Derek, thank you SO much. In a few months when you have karaoke night again I will be armed!