Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Who's the more foolish: The fool, or the fool who follows him?

So I just made a BIG decision today: I will wait on a bigger TV.

Why? Well, one Jen and I really need to save for our trip to England next year. A big TV would be fun... but I can't afford it. So I'll save... but it'll still be a while.

And two................ um... I bought a game. Not a Wii, DS, PS2, or any console game... but a Mac game. A Fool And His Money.

Lemme explain my reasoning behind this almost $50 purchase.

So I love puzzle/logic/cryptogram games almost more than anything else. Really. I love them. I started when I got my first issue of Games Magazine, and I never looked back. Hell, I even made my own Meta-puzzle game for here in Colorado (which nobody has won yet). I was the first person to crack the language of the little alien Prospero in the comic PS-238 and one of only 14 people to decrypt the Legend of the 5 Rings RPG Hare Clan adventure's puzzle.

I discovered "A Fool's Errand" when I was living with Collin (along with the great title "Heaven & Earth"). I didn't play it until I moved in with Jen in 2002/2003. WOW! What a great game! I immediately jumped into his other classic game "3 in Three" and STILL haven't finished it. Man, that one's tough.

So for years, now, I have been waiting for Cliff Johnson's sequel to The Fool's Errand... and waiting and waiting and waiting (for 3 years... as it is pushed further and further back). I have refused to pre-order because I always expected it to be a hoax (hence the name)... but deep in my heart I knew it was "real".

So, with that game in mind, I went to the site and just decided to go through with it. Hopefully it ships this month. If it's HALF as good as Fool's Errand was, or even three-quarters as intense as his 2005 April Fool's Day Challenge was (in which Jen and I placed Fourth Place by a mere 5 hours... there's a GREAT story to go with that as well) I'll be satisfied with this purchase.

You can download "Fool's Errand" and "3 In Three" for free from his website HERE. Please play them. They're MARVELOUS games and WELL worth the play.