Thursday, April 12, 2007

Get on da Freak Train!

Ok. The Freak Train is a show where people get up on stage (after paying $5) and get 5 minutes to do whatever they like. Acting, poetry, stand-up comedy, plays... anything. Depending on who shows up, they have a thing called the "13th freak" where an audience member will be asked to come up and perform... so don't be surprised.

This month, I'll be going up to do some comedy that I have written... and you all have expressed interest in coming to see me. So here's the information and all. I'll be driving up with my friends Derek and Collin. Derek has a half-hour podcast that I was on speaking with the organizer of Freak Train. If you have some time to blow... give it a listen HERE.

Show is Monday (yes, Monday... sorry) April 30th, tickets are $5, doors open at 7, shows start at 8. If you can't make it, we will have video from (our part of) the show up that week on YouTube. I'll probably be doing this every month afterwards too... (last Monday of every month) so this won't be the last.