Friday, April 27, 2007

Gawd daym... GAWD DAYM the Pusher!

So I have been accused of being a "pusher". That is, a person who gives a 'taste' of something so people get addicted and want more. But, there's a reason... you see, I like to believe that I have good taste in some things. Not all... but some.

So a year ago (about) my good friend (and Gamer's Haven store owner) Rob showed me a game that was kind of interesting. It was a collectible card game called Perplex City, but you did not "play" the game against other people... you played against yourself.

See, each card had a puzzle on it. A mind bender. The red-bordered cards were common and easy. Then, like in the colours of the rainbow, they got rarer and more difficult with purple, black and then silver being the hardest.

I just last night picked up my first 3 packs at the store... and these two easy cards got me hooked.

(Click on the images for bigger pics)

When you think that you have the correct answer for the card then you scratch-off this silver area at the top of the card and go online. There, you enter the code and then give the computer your 'answer'. If you're right, then you get points for that card. Supposedly you can win things with a lot of points.

But it didn't stop there. There are sometimes puzzles within the puzzles. Glossy clear paints over the large 4 1/2" x 5" cards that have clues for something bigger, perhaps some writing on the back, or even a map... more devious... a TREASURE HUNT (and you all know how much I LOOOVE treasure hunts even though I don't win them!) This time, there's $200,000 offered for a "missing cube". Solve the puzzle within the puzzles, and win the prize. Or you can, like me, just enjoy the cards.

There is a board game of Perplex City that has a lot more of these mind-puzzling games and it too is offering a separate prize of $200,000 on the side for the game within the game! Or you can just enjoy the board game as it is. So interesting!

Great googaly moogally! I am so hooked right now. So, if you like the three cards above... and think you can figure them out for yourself... give this game a shot. It's ~$3.99 for a pack of 7 cards... and they're a fun time.

Consider these three cards your 'taste'.