Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Goodness

Well my wife has been a bit down on herself lately, and it's been a very tough couple of weeks. This week was a difficult one as well.

So, my mom came down to go to tea with us and to a Sky Sox baseball game, but my mom was concerned about the weather (with the HUGE gray clouds rolling in) and didn't want to go see the ball game. Little did I know that THAT hit Jen really hard... but she, being the sweetie she is, didn't tell me so that we could have a good day.

When my mom left at 5:20pm (the game started at 5:05pm) she really got sad. I finally got her to tell me what was wrong (like pulling teeth, I tell you), and she said how sad she was to not see the game. So, letting her know that we didn't miss much and trying to boost her up, I got her in the car and we took off for Sky Sox stadium to see the game ourselves.

We had (as per usual) a great time. We only missed the first three innings and still had plenty of game to enjoy. It didn't rain, and was quite fun (Sox won 7-1).

Sunday we went out to get my hair cut and she wanted a change herself. So, she got a perm. I haven't seen her so happy for (literally) MONTHS! What a change it did for her own happiness. And here I thought that she couldn't possibly look any more beautiful... but here she is! MAN! She looks like she's from Italy or Greece. Gorgeous!

On a personal note (not that my wife isn't the most personal person in my life) I finally got the USB/NES and USB/SNES adapters I ordered from RetroZone... and they look and work like a charm. Well worth the wait. With these two beauties and my new camcorder... that project shall be getting off the ground shortly.

Then, even better, I got this email from Cliff Johnson:

Next year, I'll finally be able to do another April Fool's day contest — congratulations again on your 4th place win.

And... I truly appreciate your show of support in pre-ordering this game — thank you!

A quick recap, I’ve tracked down the Macromedia Director/Flash memory bug and I am in the process of re-wiring/re-working the couple dozen Flash programs. Then, a final beta test. And then DONE!

This April, or thereabouts,
I shall ship your copy of The Fool and his Money.

Your name shall be immortalized in the Compendium of True Believers inside the game as:

Justin Carmical
see a preview of your name.

This weekend Jen and I have been going over his game "Three in 3" again (since I didn't finish it the first time). She seems to be enjoying the puzzles and (most of the time) is faster on the draw to figure them out than I am.

I love her so much... and I'm SO glad she's happy again.