Monday, September 19, 2005

Reunions with dear friends


While growing up in Boulder I had got a Big Brother from the Big Brother's Club of America. His name was (well, still is) Stan Owocki and he really influenced my life... and I his. Stan worked at NCAR in Boulder and, at the time, I was crazy-into astronomy. Having a Big Brother who was studying astrophysics didn't hurt either. He met his future-wife (a Big Sister) at a Halloween party for the Big Brothers/Sisters Club we went to. They fell in love and got married... and he moved away. Well, I have been thinking about him for many many years and always wondered what happened to him. Happy to say that he lives in Delaware and is a highly accredited astrophysicist and Prof. at the University there! He has a beautiful daughter named Sarah and two good-looking boys named Kevin and David. It's exciting to know that I can keep in tough now with someone who really influenced my life for the better.



When I worked at Compleat Games & Hobbies in 1998/1999 I started the "Pokemon Club" for the kids to come and play the Pokemon Card game. My store was the only one in the State to have such a club and the only one that I know of in the Nation that offered 'badges' (that I made) for winning games. Well, there are about three boys that I really called my 'Pokemon Kids'. I have lost touch with them, but they were good kids and really helped me out when the club meetings got busy and took initiative to help the younger kids out.

Eric was one of these boys, and we kept in touch throughout the years, but work and other projects kept us apart. I got an email from him the other day from a message board I joined just last week. I invited him to my CHEET museum night gathering this Saturday and it will be really great to have him attend.


This past week has really been a blessing to me. You can NEVER have too many friends.